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Cooperation signing ceremony between Vaad Hoeir Of St-Louis and KNA CERT

On 11 July 2018, the cooperation singing ceremony with vaad hoeir of st louis was held at the head office of KNA CERTIFICATION Co.,Ltd


In the ceremony, there was Mr. Pham Minh Luan – General Director of KNA Company and representatives of Vaad Hoeir Of St Louis as well as representatives of KNA’s departments who signed Kosher certification contract.

Kosher in Hebrew is literally "fit" or "appropriate." In food, "kosher" means fulfilling the requirements of Jewish dietary laws, which are accepted by consumers according to the Jewish law or used as raw materials for processing Kosher products.

Currently, the Kosher food market is a market that accounts for more than 10 billion USD, so more and more small and medium enterprises are expecting to gain Kosher certification to expand their business and penetrate this potential market.

In Vietnam, Vietnamese goods are exported in the form of crude goods to markets in the United States, Europe and the Middle East.

Most US consumers and merchants in the United States, Europe and the Middle East always require kosher certification attached to each product. With this certification, your product is valued more for quality, higher reliability, more competitive advantages and serving more customers.

Vaad hoeir of st. Louis (OV) is an official authority of the Kosher Standard. (OV) provides the most up-to-date technology to help you manage your kosher certification. OV is recognized throughout the world. Kosher authorities and consumers around the world recognize the OV symbol and associate it with the highest standards of kosher certification.

The signing ceremony was held at the KNA Head Office in the presence of the General Director and representatives of staff members of KNA Co., Ltd. With the signing of this agreement, KNA Cert is officially authorized to provide Kosher certification services in Vietnam, thus opening up great opportunities for food producers to expand their market in the future.


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