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What is FSC? What is FSC certificate?

Controlling and managing the exploitation of forests are perceived as a challenge not only to Vietnam but also to other countries in the world. The illegal timber trade and deforestation in recent years have resulted in a dramatic decrease in the world’s forest areas. This has lead to the need for a certificate which assists forests to be exploited and managed most optimally.

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What is FSC?

FSC is an international non-profit organization being in charge of managing and controlling forest exploitation in a sustainable way. This institution authorizes an independent third party to certify the FSC standard. Once the FSC logo is granted, it helps identify which organizations are supporting the sustainable forest management program. FSC stimulates forest management which is beneficial for the environment, society, and the sustainable development of the nations' economy. 

The process of FSC’s establishment and development

FSC was established in 1993. Since 2003, the headquarter of the Forest Stewardship Council – FSC is located in Born (Germany). It aims at providing methods, controlling, and encouraging the forest management all over the world so that it is friendly to the environment, brings benefits to society, and the nation’s economy.

Nowadays, it is essential for enterprises working in the wood industry to possess this FSC certificate as the current areas of forests have been shrunk gradually. FSC does not carry out the certification for forest-related activities as well as production.

Who needs an FSC certificate?

FSC can be applied to most organizations, businesses regardless of their types of service, locations, and sizes. They can be afforestation yards, farms, organizations, individuals, afforestation and exploitation units or companies transporting and processing forest products.

Principles when conducting FSC/COC:

FSC enacts 10 principles for implementing sustainable forest management

1st Principle: complying with the law and FSC’s principles

2nd Principle: Rights and responsibilities for the usage and ownership

3rd Principle: Rights of indigenous people

4th Principle: The relationship of the community and laborers

5th Principle: Benefits gained from forests

6th Principle: Impacts on the environment

7th Principle: Management plan

8th Principle: Supervising and evaluating

9th Principle: Maintaining forests of high conservation value.

10th Principle: planted forests

The current kinds of FSC certificate:

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There are three kinds of FSC Certificate:

FSC-FM stands for FSC – Forest Management. This is a required standard for a forest that is determined to comply with requirements concerning the environment, society, and economy according to the demand of the FSC standard.

FSC-CoC (FSC-Chain of Custody Certificate): This standard imposes requirements for timber manufacturing and processing units that deal with certified timber origins. These products can use the FSC-logo and mark from the FSC-CoC forest certification organization.

FSC-CoC / CW (FSC-Chain of Custody / Control Wood Certificate) - FSC Chain of Custody Certification / FSC Controlled Wood Traceability Certification: requires organizations to prove that the timber products are traded From FSC-certified sources and FSC-controlled timber sources, these products can use the FSC label and certification body's certification mark.

Benefits of FSC certificate:

FSC certificate is an evidence illustrating the social responsibility of the business for people and society. In addition, it offers the best way to protect the environment and ecological resources.

Having an FSC certificate also helps to reduce waste and the use of forest resources in the most sustainable way. Bearing FSC label, products are likely to have more advantages in the market. Their price can be 20%-30% higher than products without FSC label. FSC logo and label on the products will help customers worldwide recognize organizations supporting the responsible forest management program.

The registration process of the FSC Certificate?

When your enterprises would like to register an FSC Certificate, it is needed to follow these steps:

Step 1: Contact our pre-audit department, provide necessary information about your activities. We will inform you procedures and the quotation for FSC certification

Step 2: Carry out the evaluation. After arranging a unified time between the two parties, specialists arrive at the company to evaluate

Step 3: After the assessment, if your company meets the requirements of FSC, an FSC certificate will be awarded for your company.

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FSC certificate is valid within 5 years, and the evaluation will be conducted 4 times per year to evaluate your compliance with the requirement of FSC in your organization. According to the statistics of the Department of Production Management, currently, there are 187,580,025 hectares of forests worldwide certified with FSC - FM (1,375 certificates). Vietnam has just over 169,704 hectares with 13 certificates issued (as of October 2015).

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