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Walmart Pre - Audit

A brief introduction of Walmart:
Established by Sam Watson in Bentonville, Arkansas in 1962, Walmart is well-known for leading retailer in the world.  Being a strong retailing empire with large market such as Japan, Mexico, South Africa and China, according to Forbes, valuable capitalization of the company is the largest amount globally($ 21.7 billion).

  • The corporation currently possesses more than 11.000 supermarket in 27 country with 2,2 million staff.
  • With the revenue of 500 billion USD every year, Wallmart becomes the biggest revenue corporation in the world, going far beyond the second-ranked company Carrefour in France. Fortune 500 also states that Walmart is one of largest companies around the world.

Walmart – shared market for suppliers

To facilitate global trade, Walmart strives to positively impact global supply chain practices by enhancing its own standards and improving working conditions in countries.

Walmart collaborates with retailers, businesses, and non-governmental organizations to verify that products are manufactured from qualified suppliers that comply with the Code of business ethics, social accountability and environment.

Walmart’s requirements for suppliers:

  1. Law compliance
  2. Free labour
  3. Hours of work
  4. Hiring and recruiting activities
  5. Salary
  6. Freed of association and collective bargaining
  7. Health and safety
  8. Dormitory and canteen
  9. Environment
  10. Rewards and entertainment
  11. Benefit conflicts
  12. Anti-corruption
  13. Financial interg

The color-coded result assigned to each facility reflects the social and environmental risk of that facility in Wal-Mart's supply chain.

The rating scale is encoded by four levels: Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. - Green is used for the lowest risk level and Red is used for the most serious risk. Institutions rated Gold and Orange may receive guidance from the Responsible Sourcing department and participate in a pre-audit to improve the NEXT TIME preparation for subsequent unannounced assessments. Red rated establishments will not be allowed to participate in providing goods to Walmart. - Orange and Red ratings include many genres.

Vietnam’s challenges in Walmart:

Vietnam, with a promising developing economy, can meet the standards in the Walmart supermarket system. All Vietnamese suppliers must accept Walmart standards, which define food safety requirements such as sanitary and hygiene requirements from raw materials, supply chain and supply chain security and ethical standards in business including employee policies, environmental protection. Wal-Mart has officially opened its representative office in Vietnam, which will create opportunities and challenges for Vietnamese manufacturers and suppliers to access the global Wal-Mart.

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