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Kosher assessment and certification for Soybean Oil of Dabaco Cooking Oil Co., Ltd. cn

KNA experts and representatives of The Vaad Hoeir of St. Louis conducted a survey and and assessment of soybean oil according to Kosher in Cooking Oil Dabaco Co., Ltd in Bac Ninh Province.

Dabaco Cooking Oil Co., Ltd belongs to Dabaco Group which is in charge of products extracted from soybeans such as: COBA high-end cooking oil, UMI high-end cooking oil, refined cooking oil, dried bean residues, dried soy bean peel, crude gum removal soya bean oil, soya lecithin,...

Company information:

  • Dabaco Cooking Oil Co., Ltd
  • Address: Tan Chi Industrial Clusters, Tan Chi Commune, Tien Du District, Bac Ninh Province.
  • Phone number: 0222.222.1888 - Fax: 0222.222.1998
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  • đánh giá kosher cho công ty tnhh dabaco

Dabaco Cooking Oil Co., Ltd

Dabaco Cooking Oil Co., Ltd is the first cooking oil production company in Vietnam invested synchronously in a closed process from soya bean import, extract, refining line to filling system, bottling combined with in-house bottle blowing device. 100% of equipment system and technological line are high-tech, came from Europe and are imported synchronously from Desmet Company (Belgium). After coming into operation, the plant annually manufactures about 220,000 tons of dried soya bean residues to provide markets with about 45 million liters of oils.

Soya bean is the main component to manufacture protein-rich food, products called "plant protein" to replace animal meat.  With the quality and material standard of soya bean imported from America, the company manufactures high-quality products for livestock food manufacturing and food process for Vietnamese markets.

In addition to the application enhancement of advanced technology with modern equipment, Dabaco Cooking Oil Co., Ltd also applies Kosher standard to their own soya bean products.

đào tạo kosher cho công ty tnhh dầu thực vật dabaco

The priest directly discussed with a representative of Dabaco Cooking Oil Co., Ltd

đào tạo kosher cho công ty tnhh dầu thực vật dabaco

đào tạo kosher cho công ty tnhh dầu thực vật dabaco

The priest assessed soya bean products of the plant.

đào tạo kosher cho công ty tnhh dầu thực vật dabaco

As usual, the import process of soya bean oil is closed and inspected strictly. If there is no close inspection, faulty products are returned and even boycotted, which leads to serious loss. Consequently, product inspection and export must be thoroughly conducted from production to packaging and export.  Products will be checked again by import countries, vendors or contributors, if goods do not meet requirements, they will be cancelled and the cooperation can be affected.  Therefore, the quality of soya bean products will be guaranteed both their origin and their finished products.

đào tạo kosher cho công ty tnhh dầu thực vật dabaco

KNA experts and the priest discuss with a representive of company.

Kosher certificate will help soya bean products to gain international buyers' trust, which is useful for new market expansion into other countries so there is an increase in enterprise's revenue.  

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