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BSCI Pre-audit at Samil Hanoi Vina Co., Ltd

Samil Hanoi Vina Co., Ltd was established on October 19th 2015 with the tax code 0801146882. They are in charge of export footwear manufacturing and business to some countries like: America, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Detailed information:

  • Samil Hanoi Vina Co., Ltd
  • Address: Km 52, Highway 5A, Binh Han Ward, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong Province, Vietnam.
  • Field: Footwear manufacturing.

2019 is considered as a successful year in leather and footwear industry because its export turnover reached 22 billion dollars including 18,3 billion dollars of footwear and 3,7 billion dollars of hand bags.

Europe - Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) will be a great opportunity for industry growth especially in European Union market.  This is a market that has strict requirements in export Vietnamese goods has conquered thanks to the application of international standards including BSCI.

đào tạo BSCI cho Công ty TNHH Samil Hà Nội Vina

BSCI application under KNA pre-audit has brought considerable benefits to companies to creat a friendly workplace for employees.  

đào tạo BSCI cho Công ty TNHH Samil Hà Nội Vina

Bên bạn muốn tư vấn ISO đúng không bạn ?

Hotline: 0932211786 for the best BSCI pre-audit.

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