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Cooperation between KNA and Engineering Test Institute (SZU) on ENplus Certification

At the beginning of November 2022, SZU started negotiations with its Vietnamese partner, KNA CERT Certification Co., Ltd. After that, the two parties reached an agreement to cooperate in providing ENplus Certification services in the Vietnamese market.

Wood pellets have been widely used in recent years for a variety of applications ranging from heating and cooking to industrial power generation. ENplus is a quality assurance program for wood pellet manufacturers and distributors. The ENplus standard provides an internationally recognized framework that puts quality at the heart of pellets production and distribution.

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The ENplus certification body is responsible for the entire process of certifying and verifying the compliance of pellet producers and distributors with the requirements of the ENplus standard. The ENplus certification body will carry out the following audit activities:

  • Inspect customer equipment, facilities, processes and management systems
  • Sampling for testing, including any site of a multisite company
  • Conduct testing for company that do production or bagging

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The ENplus certification body must have a valid certificate issued by a national licenser that is a signatory to a multilateral agreement on product certification of the European Association (EA) or the International Accreditation Forum (IAF). Only listed certification bodies recognized by ENplus according to ISO/IEC 17065 with scope based on the requirements of the ENplus standard and approved by the ENplus International Management Board have the authority to do certification activities.

Established in 1965, the Engineering Test Institute (SZU) is an internationally recognized authority in the field of testing, inspection and certification. SZU is an EU-recognized body for conformity assessment under EU legislation. SZU is also one of the trusted and recognized partners in the European market and worldwide. The proof is that the Engineering Test Institute (SZU) is an active member of the TIC Council - the international association representing independent testing, inspection and certification companies.

Engineering Test Institute (SZU) is one of 8 ENplus Certification Bodies recognized by ENplus ( 02). The successful cooperation negotiation between SZU and KNA has officially made KNA CERT the representative of SZU in Vietnam in providing the ENplus Certification service package valid globally.

Whether you are a manufacturer, importer or exporter. We are always ready to help you bring your wood pellet products and services to the International market.

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