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RDS Pre-audit at Dream F Vina Co., Ltd

Dream F Vina Co., Ltd is in charge of garment manufacturing  especially feather clothes. This company focused on machine, technology innovation especially the application of international standards including RDS (Responsible Down Standard).

Công ty TNHH Dream F Vina

  • Company name: Dream F Vina Limited Liability Company
  • Address: Lot 1 - Giua Dong BLock - Quan Nham village, Dong Loi Commune, Trieu Son District, Thanh Hoa Province.
  • Standard: RDS
  • Field: Feather
  • Scope: About 500 people

RDS pre-audit Garment Industry Development at the era of 4.0

RDS (Responsible Down Standard) is a set of standards that are voluntary, independent and aims at protecting animals' benefits when their feathers are used.  Furthermore, this standard also helps to determine the traceability in supply chain and confirm the origins of feathers.

During RDS certification possession. Garment items of Dream F Vina will be labelled RDS logo to gain customers' trust when they use RDS products. This action will be useful for extenting company's export market to regional countries and the world.

công ty TNHH dream f vina


After RDS pre-audit courses:  RDS helps learners to catch standard requirements, allows controllers to identify and retrieve goods effectively, simultaneously helps company products to have RDS certifificates for feather coats.  

KNA provides RDS Pre-audit, standards for customers through our commitment:

  • Enthusiastic advice
  • Reasonable cost
  • Full legal procedure
  • Well-qualified specialists

Please call through the Hotline: 093.2211.786 for the best RDS 

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