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Sales recruitment

Job description

- Make weekly and monthly business plan
- Seek for customers.
- Work with customers and record customer’s information.

- Draft the contract after the customer has agreed basically, transfer to the director for pre-audit about the terms of the contract.

  - Set up procedures to sign the contract, keep a copy of the contract, give the main contract for the accounting department.

- Directly implement and supervise the implementation of the contract.

- Receive and deal with feedback from customers.

- Conduct customer care, support accountant to get debt recovery.


- Salary: Negotiate.
- Work in a professional environment.
- Support as much as possible to complete task.
- Trained about professionalism and soft skills.

- Welfare accordant with government regulations.
- Bonus and rewards accordant with company regulations.
- Yearly holiday.

Job requirement

- Quịck-witted, agile, sensitive.
- Hard-working, studious.
- Ability to work domestically and internationally.

Application dossier includes:

- CV
-Family register, ID card, medical certificate

- Related certificates.

Applicants can register via:

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