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Lean Manufacturing Practice Pre-audit

What is Lean Manufacturing? Lean manufacturing is one of advanced management methods to lean production, reduce waste within enterprises, increase business performance.


Wasting in activities of business production, inappropriate prices, low efficiency, unstable quality, and long delivery period of time are factors that make customers unsatisfied.

Lean – Lean Manufacturing System is developed from TOYOTA manufacturing system (TPS) and has been widely applied in many different forms of organizations or enterprises. The mainstream thought of eliminating waste and inappropriateness in manufacturing/business processes is aimed to give customers and enterprises more increased values by effectively applying different advanced tools for every specific matter.

‘Lean Awareness and Practice’ Program is exclusively designed for subjects that are managers and operators to provide leaders and process owners of companies with an overall picture and an deployoing and successfully applying Lean route.

Lean Manufacturing referred to as LEAN bring following values:

  1. Job security
  2. Reduce expenses, increase labor productivity for enterprises
  3. Everyone in companies join
  4. Increase income for wokers
  5. Achieve four goals: Fast – Many – Good – Cheap at the same time
  6. Increase awareness of being responsible
  7. Improve continuously
  8. Increase market share
  9. Enhance competitiveness and international integration
  • Managers and Administrators, Director, Deputy Director, Head/Deputy of other departments. . .\
  • Core members/mainly involved in improvement programs in companies
  • Those who are interested in and passionate about learning and developing lean management ceaselessly.


Lean Awareness:

  • Introduce Lean as a management system/Compare Lean with other systems
  • Discuss and assess current situations of companies/Compare current situations of companies with those of Lean companies
  • Development history of Lean and companies that apply Lean successfully
  • Overview of Lean and Lean tools
  • Methods of identifying and eliminating waste
  • Calculate improvement values/Save money through main improvement projects

Lean Practice:

  • Make a chain of activities in companies with the Lean model
  • Connect Lean with BSSC (Balance Point Card), analyze Lean with diagrams of companies
  • Set Lean goals and make deploying plans
  • Roles and responsibilities of Leaders in Lean companies
  • Organizational Structure of Lean, roles and responsibilities of each member in the structure
  • Steps to implement Lean and routes to deploy Lean
  • Resources and incentive mechanisms
  • Group discussion – Q & A – Giving certification


  • The heads of companies will apply Lean to improve their enterprises continuously.
  • Leaders have an overview of current situations throughout processes.
  • Leaders understand how Lean is used to eliminate waste, reduce expenses, improve cycle time, improve efficiency, quality and sales volume
  • Leaders clearly see results of saving and efficiency through deploying Lean successfully
  • Understand how to deploy Lean successfully
  • Put their active roles in the process of deploying and applying Lean in companies
  • Understand how to set up, organize and improve Lean.

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