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Pre-audit ISO 17025: 2017 Certification

  1. What is ISO / IEC 17025?

ISO / IEC 17025 is an international standard that sets requirements to ensure the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. This ISO standard specifies requirements that laboratories should meet to demonstrate that they are applying a qualified system; good technical capability and provide test results or standards of technical value. The content of ISO 17025 covers all articles of ISO 9001 and adds technical requirements that a laboratory must meet.

  1. The ISO / IEC 17025 consists of five parts, in which a laboratory needs to understand and meet requirements of sections 4 and 5 of this standard.

This standard specifies general requirements for the performance of tests and/or calibration including sampling. This standard refers to testing and calibration performed by standard, non-standard methods developed by laboratories. 

  1. Areas of accreditation at laboratories include:
  • Testing Engine
  • Test construction
  • Electrical Testing - Electronics
  • Biological testing
  • Pharmaceutical testing
  • Calibration and measurement
  • Chemical testing
  • Non-destructive testing

ISO 17025: 2017 can be applied to all testing and calibration organizations regardless of the number of employees or the scope of testing and calibration activities.  

III. BENEFITS OF ISO 17025: 2017

ISO 17025: 2017 will boost the technical competence and management of laboratories. Simultaneously, it ensures the accuracy and reliability of the test / calibration results. In addition, ISO 17025: 2017 helps to recognize test / calibration results. It also integrates laboratory accreditation in Vietnam with other regional countries or countries in the world. 

  1. Procedure 
  2. Establish project team: TMSC will advise Company on:
    Membership, personnel and duties of the project team and each member; 
    Selection and assignment of the Technical Manager, Quality Assurance for the Laboratory (as required by ISO / IEC 17025, the laboratory must have these positions).
  3. Pre-audit for laboratory staff:
    General concept pre-audit on laboratory accreditation to ISO / IEC 17025. Benefits of implementing ISO / IEC 17025, the basic elements of the laboratory management systemaccording to ISO / IEC 17025 How to conduct construction Text document under ISO / IEC 17025. 
    Evaluation, estimation of uncertainty in electrical experiments. 
    Standard links in measurement.
  4. Assessment of the actual situation of the laboratory: The assessment of the actual situation of the laboratory aims to:
    Understand laboratory activities, test equipment status, environmental conditions, human, test methods ...;
    The results of the assessment of the actual situation as a basis for determining the test criteria may be eligible for accreditation and / or changes (equipment, conditions for testing environment etc.) that the laboratory shall perform. to be recognized for selection criteria.


  • KNA conducts systematic and independent assessment of management system to identify strengths and issues that need improvement.
  • KNA CERT has a planned timeline to ensure that the management system meets its goals and performs continuous improvement on the key issues.
  • KNA CERT can comnine ISO 13485 certification with the management system ISO 9001, which brings practical benefits to other enterprises.

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