"Quality Innovation"

GRS Awareness Pre-audit at Ulhwa Vietnam Co., Ltd.

KNA specialists conducted GRS (Global Recycled Standard) training for this company's officials in charge of greasy fabric and finished fabric production.
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RDS Consultation - Pre-audit at Dream F Vina Co., Ltd

Dream F Vina Co., Ltd is in charge of garment manufacturing especially feather clothes. This company focused on machine, technology innovation especially the a...
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RCS Pre-audit at Gritti Vietnam Limited Liability Company

KNA CERT came and conducted RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) consultation - training at Gritti Vietnam Co., Ltd in charge of shirt button production.
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BSCI Pre-audit at Samil Hanoi Vina Co., Ltd

Samil Hanoi Vina Co., Ltd was established on October 19th 2015 with the tax code 0801146882. They are in charge of export footwear manufacturing and business to...
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RCS Pre-audit at Dayeon Bi Jou Co., Ltd, Vietnam

KNA CERT Experts arrived, consulted and trained in RCS - Recycled Claim Standard at Dayeon Bi Jou Co., Ltd in the field of jewelry manufacturing.
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Training in Occupation Safety for the staff at Sunshine Vietnam Electronics Co., Ltd.

Leadership of Sunshine Vietnam Electronics Co., Ltd chose KNA Cert with the aim of training Occupational Safety for the staff. This task is necessary to ensure....
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Pre-audit - FCCA - SCS Assessment according to Wal-Mart for Parosy JSC.

KNA experts assessed and consulted FCCA - SCS according Wal-Mart for the staff of Parosy JSC in charge of manufacturing textile apparel on the scale of nearly 3...
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Kosher assessment and certification for Soybean Oil of Dabaco Cooking Oil Co., Ltd.

KNA experts and representatives of The Vaad Hoeir of St. Louis conducted a survey and and assessment of soybean oil according to Kosher in Cooking Oil Dabaco Co...
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BSCI Pre-audit for Sunshine Vietnam Electronics Co., Ltd

SUN SHINE Vietnam Electronics Co., Ltd with 100% America investment capital has a corporate in America (product consumption) and a company (mainly produce) esta...
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KNA pre-audits Dai Thanh Co., Ltd in BSCI standard.

Seafoods Dai Thanh was established in 2007 and one of leaders in shutchi catfish, yellowtail catfish farming, processing and export. Company is located in Meko...
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