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Pre-audit - FCCA - SCS Assessment according to Wal-Mart for Parosy JSC.

KNA experts assessed and trained FCCA - SCS according Wal-Mart for the staff of Parosy JSC in charge of manufacturing textile apparel on the scale of nearly 350 people.


  • Company's name: Parosy
  • Address: Duyen Thai Industrial Zone, Duyen Thai Commune, Thuong Tin District, Ha Noi.
  • Field: Apparel.

đào tạo fcca scs

Parosy JSC is an enterprise in charge of manufacturing apparel in Ha Noi.  Its products are highly appreciated by consumers. Because the leadership of company desire to export products to Walmart system, the company chose KNA - FCCA - SCS Pre-audit for the whole staff.  

FCCA's requirements (Factory Capability and Capacity Audit) embrace: Factory Facilities and Environment + Machine Calibration and Maintenance + Quality Management System + Incoming Materials Control (Warehousing and Storage) + Process and Production Control + In-House Lab-Testing + Final Inspection + People Resources and Pre-audit.

Security requirements of SCS  Audit - Supply Chain Security Audit cover:  Personnel Security + Threat Awareness + Physical Access Control + Physical Security + Container/Trailer Security + Procedural Security + Information Security + Contractor Security/ Business Partner Requirements.

đào tạo fcca scs

đào tạo fcca scs

Contact to register this service: FCCA & SCS Pre-audit to join in WalMart supply chain.

Customers, plants require FCCA & SCS  Pre-audit,  of Walmart, please contact through Hotline: 093.2211.786 - 02438.268.222 for full quotation of this service.

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