"Quality Innovation"

Experience in ISO 22000 application and a lesson from Bao An JSC.

Thanks to their application of Food Safety Management model according to ISO 22000, Bao An Trading and Service Investment and Development JSC minimized their co...
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Pre-audit - FCCA - SCS Assessment according to Wal-Mart for Parosy JSC.

KNA experts assessed and consulted FCCA - SCS according Wal-Mart for the staff of Parosy JSC in charge of manufacturing textile apparel on the scale of nearly 3...
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A letter of thanks of Daewoo Vietnam Bus Co., Ltd

Daewoo Vietnam Bus Co., Ltd belongs to Daewoo Korea Group, a unique bus and coach production and assembly enterprise with 100% foreign investment in Vietnam.
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Lots of enterprises in Vietnam successfully apply ISO 45001:2018.

To succeed in business, the first thing needs prioritizing is the assurance of employees' health and safety in the best way Actually, many enterprises have focu...
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Kosher extends certification to non-foods

In recent years, plenty of agencies of Kashrus significantly extended Kosher food certification to non-foods such as devices, shavers, kitchen appliances even c...
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C-TPAT Pre-audit Tendency for Security Service Enterprises.

Tendency for C-TPAT Training Deployment at Security Service Enterprises has been growing. Especially enterprises cooperate with the USA, the export of goods to....
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Main characteristics of ISO 45001:2018 and OHSAS 18001.

The appearance of a new standard ISO 45001:2018 marked a key event to EHS managers (Environment-Health-Safety) ISO 45001:2018 has gradually replaced with OHSAS....
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FSSC version 5 was officially issued

FSSC 22000 Founding Organization has officially announced FSSC 22000 Certification Program version 5. This new version combines all improvements in ISO 22000 w...
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Organic Standard Certification for Enterprises.

Organic method is produced in the form of organic agriculture and certified organic to ensure purity from nature, safe and environmentally friendly method of us...
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The Introduction of Textile Exchange Organization

Textile Exchange is known as a global non-profit organization in textile industry. Their members join hands together with the aim of promoting the conversion o...
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