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On November 11th 2019, KNA Certification Limited Liability Company organized Signing Ceremony of Cooperation Agreement with CCPB Certification Organization concerning Organic Certificate Assessment Standard.  CCPB allowed KNA to be capable of ORGANIC certification in Vietnam.

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At the ceremony, on behalf of KNA, Mr Pham Minh Luan - The manager of company, Mr Jay Wang and Mr Roberto, a representative of CCPB. Besides, KNA's representive departments also participated in this signing ceremony.

Organic products always attract numerous customers' attention, which was proved by a survey showing that the number of people consuming organic products has been sharply increasing compared to many years ago. Therefore, the consideration relating to organic certification on products is always a criterion which helps customers to choose best products among countless ones on the current market.

Organic certification is a standard issued for consuming food to affirm that these food are healthy food and accredited strictly, depending on the percentage of organic matter exists in each product, there will be a corresponding certificate according to each regulation. This certificate aims at verifying food's safety and cleanliness.

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CCPB is the inspection and certification agency for organic foods  in the world.

CCPB owns all recognization and authorization to undertake their activities. CCPB has been authorized by Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policy to work as a control and certification agency which complies with the regulation CE CE 834/2007 of Europe concerning organic farming and was recognized by UNI CEI EN / ISO / IEC 17065: 2012 and was authorized in the USA, Japan, Canada, Swiss and many countries in the world.

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The contract signing ceremony was formally organized at KNA's main headquarter  with the Manager's direct participation in this ceremony and representatives of departments of KNA Certification. After the signing ceremony, KNA has been officially recognized as an authorized organization which is responsible for assessing Organic certificate in Vietnam, which also opens up great opportunities to allow Vietnam's enterprises to have chances of developing domestic and foreign markets. 



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