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BONSUCRO Pre-audit - Great sugarcane initiative

Risk management of society and environment is essential for sugarcane growers, processing facilities, and food companies due to the legal framework as well as consumer and shareholder expectations for sustainably manufactured goods.

What is Bonsucro?

Bonsucro is a multi-stakeholder association aiming to reduce the impacts of environment and society on the sugarcane development by setting up a standard and program to improve this industry.

Bonsucro is a multi-stakeholder and global initiative dedicated to reducing the environmental and social impacts of sugarcane production when the need for economic viability is recognized. Bonsucro’s mission is to help the sugar industry to be sustainably improved and verified by the domestic cooperation in the industry and continuous support to three pillars of sustainability: economic ability, society, and environment.

Bonsucro aims to gain this false information, thereby defining sustainable sugarcane, and all sugarcane – derived products through a multi-stakeholder. Another function of Bonsucro is to ensure the integrity of the implementation of the Bonsucro standard through certification protocol execution.

 Objectives of Bonsucro 

The main objective of this document is to identify a set of principles, criteria, and indicators, along with explanatory notes for assessing the performance of operators in the three sustainable pillars. It is aimed at Bonsucro members who want to gain certification. Bonsucro standard is also employed by licensed certification bodies and auditors when performing certification audits.

Eventually, it targets the wider audience of the sugar industry and any interested party.

There are two Bonsucro’s standards:

  • The standard is used by all sugar mills and farms to demonstrate sustainable production regardless of scale.
  • Production standards for smallholder farmers.

Small farming groups ( link or supply to the factory) can use the Standards of smallholder farmers to demonstrate sustainable production instead of the Bonsucro standard mentioned above.

(Note: Farmers in the group must meet the definition of smallholder <25 ha="" of="" additional="" exception="" guidelines="" span="">

Seven guiding principles for production standards

Production standards Bonsucro uses 7 principles to achieve sustainability in the production of sugarcane and sugarcane - derived products.

1: Compliance with laws

2: Respect human rights and labor standards

3: Effective management to improve sustainability

4: Management of biodiversity and ecology

5: Continuous improvement

6: Comply with EU directives

7: Farmer organization

(Standard for small households only)

Benefits of Bonsucro’s stakeholders:

  • Bonsucro helps to make improvements to measure the economic, environmental and social impacts on sugarcane production and the primary processing. Therefore, it is feasible to adjust and protect the environment and society surrounding the sugar industry.
  • Sugar mills and end-users can use sugar products more transparently and reliably.
  • A higher sense of trust in publications through the recognition, trust, and the increase of reliability.

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