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BRC/ IFS Food Pre-audit and Certification

Overview of Overview of Global GAP Standard

  1. What is BRC?

BRC is a set of global standards on food safety for food manufacturers that offer branded retails in UK established by British Retailer Consortium-BRC.

BRT is short form of BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. The latest version of these standard is 6th version issued in 7th/2011. BRC is widely used over the world, assisting enterprise to manufacture safe food. When establishing and meeting BRC standards, the organization with food safety management system might create a low-risk environment related to food safety so that it can meet the demand of customer and legal regulation.

Applicable subjects

BRC is applied to organizations including: units/ companies/ factories that operate in food industry (example: fisheries, vegetable, beverage, alcohol, cooking oil,…). So that food product could enter the market, most countries require organization to strictly follow this standard.

3.Why must enterprises meet BRC standard?
Due to pressure from customers, especially European customers as well as pressure from socio development trend. Besides, it can be resulted from economic benefit and leaderboard guidance or company assurance.

Advantages of BRC/ IFS Food

The following benefits are those BRC/ IFS Food brings about for your enterprise:
• Qualified and safe products for consumers.
• Create competitiveness, enhance brand image, and facilitate to export products.
• Save cost, increase revenue and profit.
• Liberate the job of centralized leadership. Help leaders spend more time focusing on implementing the macro strategy.
• Help operating systematically, promote union spirit, and staff work in a comfortable environment.
• Increased labor productivity.

BRC/ IFS Food Pre-audit and Certification Process

Set up BRC Project Board: Pre-audit agency/ unit instruct the organization to set up BRC Project Board (same as ISO Board). Members of Project Board will be chosen by the customer. Appointed people are usually head of departments/ offices.
Standard pre-audit: Pre-audit for members of Project Board: pre-audit of standard awareness, standard requirements and instructing practice of standard requirements.
Document editing instruction: Experts will instruct in a specific way for each member of Project Board who was appointed specifically to edit document compliant with standard. It is necessary to arrange appropriate time for in BRC Project Board
Application Instruction: Experts will instruct members of Project Board to record compliant with issued document.
• Internal evaluation pre-audit: Experts will instruct members of Project Board to work on technical project, maintaining system and internal evaluation pre-audit. Finishing the course, members of project will become internal evaluators and help maintain system for the organization
Conduct internal evaluation: The pre-audit unit will send experts together with the internal auditors of the organization for internal evaluation. The internal auditor of the Customer will have a try at evaluation to learn technical and practical experience
• Fixing and prevention instruction: The expert will directly guide the assigned person to fix the problem as required by the standards and requirements of the prepared document and will not affect the work of the assigned staff)
Second internal evaluation: After fixing evaluation errors in first audit, if necessary, the organization should conduct the audit one more time to ensure there no evaluation error in the first audit left.
Register certificate: After fixing all of evaluation errors in first and second audit (if any), experts will guide customers to make registration documents with reputable Certification Organization and highlight the strengths/weaknesses of each certification organization for customers to choose (1 session projected)
Assessment of official certification: Organizing the assessment by assigning the delegation of experts to the organization to evaluate the level of compliance with BRC standards.
Issue certificate: After completing the assessment and concluding the assessment, correcting the evaluation error (if any), the organization shall send sufficient evidence to the certification organization and wait for the certificate. Once certified, the organization must maintain the validity of the standard.

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