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BSCI Pre-Audit - Business Social Compliance Initiative

Nowadays, Enterprises are paying more and more attention to their responsibility toward Community and Society by following standard related to Social Compliance Initiative. This points out that Enterprise ethically operates with Social responsibility as well as Environmental responsibility. 

BSCI Training – Audit  - Business Social Compliance InitiativeWHAT IS BSCI?

  • BSCI standard (Business Social Compliance Initiative) is a set of standards issued in 2003 by Foreign Trade Association to evaluate social compliance in business. This standard aimed at creating a shared forum for code of conduct and the European supervisory system for social responsibility.
  • BSCI Code of conduct version 2014 (replacing version 2009): reflects the most significant international labor standards in order to protect labor rights such as International Labor Organization (ILO) as well as important claims of UN, guidelines of OECD for multinational companies and UN Global Treaty.
  • The core foundation of BSCI is code of conduct including 10 labor requirements which BSCI certified companies must step by step implement.


BSCI Code of conduct operates by firm commitment from members, thereby drives social compliance and labor condition improvements in global supply chain as follows:

  • Commitment: People that join the BSCI commitment as a part of business relationship show that they are willing to improve working condition in their supply chain.
  • Proper: We offer an unique and coherent system for global producer including a code of conduct and an implementing process ensuring coherence and comparison in auditing.
  • Comprehensive: BSCI system is applied to large and small companies and includes every product from any countries in the world.
  • Oriented development: BSCI is not a certification program. We provide a new approaching method to help producer gradually practice code of conduct. All of the producers meeting the requirement of BSCI are encouraged to go further and obtain the best SA8000 social management system and certification developed by the Social Accountability International (SAI)
  • Trustworthy: BSCI only use experienced and independent companies to conduct audit.
  • Concentrate on high-risked countries: BSCI focuses on countries which highly risks at violating labor rights such as: China, Bangladesh, India, Turkey, etc.
  • Effective: With available data base of producers, there will be no recheck of on-list factories.
  • Knowledge-based: Integrating research with manufacturing to enhance knowledge and skills of improving working condition.
  • Cooperation: BSCI encourages involvement of stakeholders in Europe and manufacturing countries.

BSCI Training – Audit  - Business Social Compliance Initiative13 rules of  BSCI toward its members:

  1. Social Management and Stratified impact System
  2. Protection of labor
  3. Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
  4. No discrimination
  5. Fair Payment
  6. Decent Working Hours
  7. Occupational Safety and Health
  8. No Child Labor
  9. Special Protection for Young People
  • No Temporary Employment
  • No dependent employee
  • Protection of the environment
  1. Ethical Business Practices



  1. Improve labor productivity by creating labor friendly environment.
  2. Opportunity to seek for customers in big market after joining BSCI.
  3. Reduce risks in business
  4. Enhance the company’s value in the social, business.
  5. Save costs, increase sales and profits.
  6. Systematic activities to improve solidarity within the company.
  7. Products are not manufactured by forced workers and children.


  • If a supplier does not meet the standards of the BSCI Code of Conduct, and if no solution is found to be implemented within a reasonable period of time, the BSCI member may choose these following actions: Delay existing orders, cancel related contracts, suspend future contracts and / or terminate the business relationship with the supplier.
  • If the results of an inspection show that there is no full compliance with the BSCI Code of Conduct, the supplier shall immediately implement corrective actions as guided without delay. Suppliers must agree with the inspectors about the time to implement these remedies, but not more than 12 months.
  • In case a supplier has been rejected in the past for failing to comply but then finds that he or she can comply with the requirements of the BSCI Code of Conduct, business can be rebuilt.

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