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Certification of ISO 37001: 2016 - Anti-bribery management system.

Currently, bribery and corruption are becoming a worldwide problem. Bribery not only degrades the social morality but also greatly affects the economic and political situation of each nation. To solve this problem, efforts have been made by many countries to make laws; However, they are not strong enough. A proactive responsibility of the business organizations should be needed in the fight against bribery.

Certification of ISO 37001 2016 - Anti-bribery management system.

Standard ISO 37001: 2016, Anti-bribery management system

In October 2016, the International Organization for Standardization ISO issued a series of ISO 37001 Standards with specific requirements and guidelines to create, build and maintain improvements to limit corruption, bribery which can be operated either independently or integrated into the operational management system.

ISO 37001: 2016 is designed to build a culture of anti-bribery in businesses, organizations and implement truly appropriate control measures to increase the ability to detect bribes as well as reduce reduce the scope of their influence.

ISO 37001: 2016, Anti-bribery management system - Requirements and user manuals are designed to support and enhance these efforts, create transparency and clarity in controlling activities of the organization and at the same time provide the most effective way to implement these measures. This system may be independent or integrated into the organization's overall management system.

ISO 37001 employs a wide range of related measures and controls, including supporting guidance, an anti-bribery management system that sets the requirements for:

  • Anti-bribery policies and procedures
  • Leading management leadership, commitment and responsibility
  • Supervised by a compliance manager or function
  • Anti-bribery pre-audit
  • Risk assessment and the diligence to projects and business partners
  • Control finance, purchasing, trading and contracts
  • Report, track, investigate and evaluate
  • Corrective action and continuous improvement

The Scope of Activities of ISO 37001

The scope of this bribe prevention system includes bribery at public, private and nonprofit organizations by the organization or its employees, and bribery activities which are paid or received by a third party. Bribery can take place anywhere, from very small to very large values, and can include financial as well as non-financial benefits.

Subject of application of ISO 37001

The ISO 37001 series of standards is general so it can be applied to all organizations (or specific parts of an organization) regardless of the industry and the size of the organization.

Benefits for Enterprise when applying ISO 37001

The two main benefits of ISO 37001: 2016 for your business are:

  • The applied ISO 37001 standard will help minimize the risk of bribery in an organization.
  • Demonstrate to customers, owners and business related parties that the organization has established effective anti-bribery control measures.

 The ISO 37001: 2016 series of standards is designed to provide the organization with effective enforcement of the anti-bribery management system and increase the effectiveness of the control measures that your organization has already had. This standard requires an organization to implement a series of measures such as approving the Anti-Bribery Policy, appointing a person to be responsible for monitoring and complying with this policy, adjusting and pre-audit employees, conducting risk assessments for associated projects and businesses, enforcing financial and trade control measures, and establishing notification and investigation procedures.

The implementation of an anti-bribery management system requires leadership roles and regulations from top management, policies and programs that need to be conveyed to all employees and stakeholders such as suppliers, partners, customers.

Certificate of ISO 37001 certification

Because iso 37001 is not a law, so it is not mandatory for businesses. Organizations who wish to apply can select an accredited third party to certify according to ISO 37001 in order to confirm that their anti-bribery system meets the requirements of the standard.

Despite being certified in accordance with ISO 37001, it cannot be guaranteed that no bribery occurs in the organization or is related to the organization. However, this standard indicates that the organization has taken all appropriate measures designed to prevent bribery.


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