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Global Gap Pre-audit and Certification

Currently Global G.A.P is applied by agro- and fisheries companies. It is considered as proof of good practice in agriculture/ fishery activities and market penetration assurance.

Overview of Global GAP Standard

  1. What is Global GAP
  • Thanks to certification, enterprises might prove their good practice of Global Standard. This certificate is reckoned to consumers and retailers as an assurance of product safety and quality. Unless the assurance can be provided, agricultural producers can be rejected by market.
  • Bureau Veritas Quality International fully understands all of these issues and could conduct several essential audits in order to help enterprises to obtain Global Gap Certificate.

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 2.Advantages of Global GAP

  • Meet demands of both domestic and international market
  • Ensure food safety and hygiene of agricultural products
  • Reduce the price and improve product’s quality
  • Effectively and sustainably utilize of agricultural resources
  • Enrich farmers and develop rural areas.
  • Protect the environment and landscapes.
  1. Meaning of Global GAP

Global GAP plays an important role to enterprises.
1. External affairs:
• Build customer’s trust
• Enhance enterprise prestige and competitiveness in market
• Elevate producer’s status in market
• Meet demands of customers in picky markets like Europe.
• Beneficial for signing contracts and bidding.
• Official declare to commitment of safety, quality and innovation to meet customer’s high demands.
• Meet both domestic and international requirements concerning quality management.

  1. Internal affairs
  • Timely respond to manufacturing issues related to food safety and hygiene by controlling soil cultivation process, nurturing plant until harvesting.
  • Low cost and high efficiency owing to cutting compensation, suing and recycling fee “Ounce of Prevention Always Worth a Pound of Cure”

Which organizations and units need Global GAP certificate?

  • Global GAP: Global good agricultural practice is becoming a must-have certificate because most retailers require this certificate as a proof of good agricultural practice of enterprises. So which organizations and units need Global GAP certificate? They are agro, fisheries farm owners and agricultural producers in Vietnam and in the world. Unless producers own Global GAP certificate, retailers will refuse their products.
  • Besides, Vietnamese enterprises who export products to large markets such as North America, Europe, North East Asia also need to follow standard Global GAP.

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GlobalG.A.P Certification Process

Certification process is conducted in following steps:

1.Determine certification scope.
2.Test audit (optional) to evaluate farm’s status.
3.Evaluate certification (issue certificate): confirm that enterprise meets the requirements of Global GAP.
4. The certificate is valid for 1 years from the date of issuance of the certification.
5. Re-certification to track

  • Compliance and ongoing
  • Improvement

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