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GOLS Pre-audit - Global Organic Latex Standard

The Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS), a relatively new certification from the Control Union – an international certification organization for organic growers and producers around the globe.

GOLS stands for Global Organic Latex Standard. Until now, there is no standard for organic rubber products. GOLS is the first certification in the world that is particularly applied to natural rubber products.

GOLS certified rubber meets and exceeds specific standards in processing and manufacturing steps.

Certifications of Control Union (CU) believes that it is important to establish minimum standards for latex products made of organic materials.

These standards affect many aspects of the life cycle of rubber including:

  • Making
  • Packaging
  • Labeling
  • Distribution
  • Processing
  • Trade

The objective is to encourage enterprises to use sustainable treatment methods when working with organic rubber. This standard also focuses on impacts and processing products related to health, safety, and social welfare.

Why is GOLS important?

Many consumers make wise decisions to buy products from rubber such as natural organic cushions as they want to make healthy decisions for the globe. Distinguishing one buffer from another is a difficult job. All claims about organic rubber latex will be subjective even though the mattress contains 5% or 95% organic rubber. All GOLS – certified products must contain at least 95% certified organic ingredients.

What does this GOLS certification mean for businesses and consumers?

GOLS offers two different label classification. Rubber products are often labeled as being organic and contain organic material to determine that they contain at least 95% certified organic material. Products made with x % organic matter or contain x % organic matter containing at least 70% certified organic rubber, along with other certified raw organic ingredients.

What are the requirements of GOLS?

To be labeled as a GOLS product, the product must meet the following requirements:

  • Have 95% of certified organic ingredients in total weight
  • No pesticides or chemical fertilizers in soil from 3 - 4years
  • Regularly check soil and leaves and take water samples every day.
  • The place of production needs a written policy to manage waste or pollution generated during the manufacturing process
  • There are also strict policies on working hours, wages, child labor, and so on.
  • Certified organic latex needs to be stored separately from any regular latex.

The latex used in all pillows should be measured at Green latex facilities. Green latex is also the first carbon-neutral rubber manufacturer in the world.

This natural rubber latex has non-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-mold properties. It also has no dangerous flame retardants or chemicals that can cause allergies like foam products on petrol.

Benefits of having GOLS certification

GOLS establishes a clear roadmap and procedure on a journey from a field level or farmer to a certified manufacturer of organic rubber products. Among other factors, manufacturers that are approved to produce organic products according to the logo of GOLS must follow mandatory regulations of society and the environment. This places indirect responsibility regarding social and environmental issues on end – consumers.

  • To enterprises

Enterprises which are certified GOLS for their organic products can build their trademark and customer’s trust, thereby demonstrating to their customers that their products are high quality and the environment – friendly

GOLS certification also helps enterprises develop sustainably thanks to safe and environment - friendly manufacturing and processing process as well as express their responsibility for society and their ethics in business.

The price of the product is higher compared to the same kind of goods due to being certified GOLS, thereby increasing the profits in the long run.

  • To end-customers

Certified GOLS products will make customers feel secure when using because it is made naturally and good for human health (softness, no chemicals affecting the skin on contact, higher durability, and so on).

Customers are informed of the origins of the products that contain organic ingredients and how the environment – friendly and socially responsible for the production process is.


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