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KNA was designated as a representative of Vaad hoeir of St. Louis in Vietnam being in charge of awarding Kosher Certificate. Vaad hoeir of st.

Louis (OV) is an official body enabled to issue Kosher Certificate. OV offers the cutting-edge technology which can help your company manage your Kosher Certificate. OV is globally regconized. Authorities and Kosher customers all over the world have acknowledged the symbol of OV and associated it with the highest standards of Kosher certificate.

Recently, a signing ceremony has been solemnly held at the headquater of KNA Cert Company in the presence of the General Director and representatives of KNA Cert Limited Company staff. With this event, KNA has been officially authorized to provide Kosher certification service; thereby, opening up an opportunity for food production companies in Vietnam to expand their business in the future.

lễ kí kết tiêu chuẩn kosher Lễ kí kết thỏa thuận hợp tác giữa KNA và OV Kosher

lễ kí kết tiêu chuẩn kosher

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