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Pre-audit – Kosher Certification

Currently, if enterprises in charge of food want to enter the US and Europe market, importers in these countries all require KNA Certification for each product. In the US market and Europe countries, Jewish people and dieters only want to consume Kosher products and 20% of Jewish people appreciates Kosher rules in their diet. If producers want to develop their market,  producers have to gain their KNA certification for their products.

Training – Kosher Certification

Introduction of Kosher:

In Jew culture, “Kosher” means “suitability”. In the food industry of the Jewish, “Kosher” means complete satisfication of diet based on Jewish pepple’s rules. These rules call “Kashrus” which is adequately described in their bible books.

An enterprise gets a KOSHER Certification, which means that this enterprise proved a KOSHER branch’s assurance, for example Vaad Hoeir of St. Louis, a product meets the requirements of Jewish’s rules which are relevant to their food.
Different foods will be classified and given a Kosher Certification according to the rule of one in three kinds of Kosher.


Kosher certified food belongs to one of three kosher food:

  • Meat: Food products which are attributed to Kosher meat includes Bison, beef or sheep. Besides, other poultries such as Kosher chicken ( chicken, turkey, geese or duck) or meat-based products and even non-meat products manufactured by equipment to make meat products or meat-based products .
  • Dairy: Food products that contain milk or these products’ origin is milk and even non-milk products manufactured by equipment to make milk products.
  • Food that doesn’t contain butter, milk and meat: All products which doesn’t contain meat or meat and are manufactured by equipment have never used in the production of any meat or dairy products.

Fundamental principles of Kosher Standard

There are 4 basic regulations in Kosher Standard:

  • Do not mix milk with meat. (If you eat meat, you wait for after 6 hours to drink milk, and if you drink milk, you have to wait for after 30 minutes to eat meat)
  • Do not cook meat-based products and milk-based products with the same kitchen utensils.
  • Non-meat and non-dairy food can be mixed with other food products but they can not  be combined with meat and dairy and not be cooked with the same kitchen utensils.
  • During slaughter, Kosher meat must be butchered and processed in special way of the Jewish (ex: the humane and fastest way,ect.)

Kosher is a certificate for enterprises to prove their Kosher certified products and these products will be labelled with Kosher trademark.

Why are Kosher certifications necessary for food?

  • In recent years, due to the appearance of unhealthy food, consumer’s trust in food have been gradually decreasing.
  • In recent years, it is estimated that there are 25 millions of customers including Judaism, Islamic people, Christian people, vegetarians, groups of customers who care about ecosystem and quality assurance. This is a large food market with the value up to billions of dollars for investors. In the United States, this certificate appears over 60% of their products.
  • Kosher certification brings about significant economic benefits, monitoring method and addresses globalization-related problems. Thanks to this certification, it is much easier to regconize the Kosher products and prove the origin of products.


  • For food enterprises:
  1. Easily access to more customer segments, especially the big markets such the US, Europe, Middle East.
    2. Develop the enterprises’ competence and expand markets and help to increase in enterprises’ revenue in long period. 
    3. Facilitate the signing and integration with other countries in the world ( especially export countries).
    4. KOSHER brand name on package helps gain trust of customers who have been consuming Kosher food.
  • For consumers:
  1. Recognize the origin and processing method of products.
    2. KOSHER Certification classifies food for customers and is suitable for each customer segment: 
    – Jewish people who are religious.
    – People who are allergic to dairy components .
    – Customers who are aware of health protection.
    – People who don’t consume Lactose food.
    – Vegetarians.
    – Islamists.

Why to choose KNA CERT for Kosher certification

  • KNA Cert provides information for customers to help to manage the Kosher Certification, KNA Cert is authorized to be a company which helps to provide service certification by Vaad hoeir of st. Louis (OV), official agency of Kosher Standad. Therefore, KNA is the most prestigious Kosher certification nowadays.
  • KNA CERT provide excellent and friendly service for customers. KNA companies with professional and experienced experts are now present at three regions of Vietnam.


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Process and procedure for Kosher certification

  • Customers will contact with KNA and fill in the registration form. Then, KNA will receive the form with full of information.
  • KNA will annouce the certification fee and invite potential customers on the day of the clergy’s arrival ( free certification fee and  responsible for the travelling fee of the clergy). The clergy will assess products and determine whether products are certificated or not.
  • If customers agree to make a certificate, they will have to pay and be given a certificate ( no fee for factory evaluation again ). The factory will have the right to Kosher logo on all products of factory.

  • Contact: KNA Cert Co., Ltd
  • Centre: 11th floor, Ladeco Building, 266 Doi Can street, Ba Dinh District, Ha Noi
  • Tell: 093.2211.786 – 02438.268.222
  • Email:   Website:
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