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Pre-audit - Certification BRC/IOP

Package is one of fundamental elements of any brand and enterprise. The consumers will be attracted by impressive and eye catching products with its size and color. Besides, packaging process is indispensable in manufacturing process of any products.

This results in the need of a global standard for covers, packages and packaging material to help enterprise enhance their prestige toward domestic as well as international market. Thus Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials was published as the most comprehensive standards for packaging. 



BRC / IOP is a standard of quality management system of the British Retailers Association. BRC / IOP is one of many standards developed on the basis of the 7 HACCP standards, instructing good manufacturing practice and process control systems.

The BRC / IOP Issue 5 is the latest version of the standards promulgated by experts in July 2015. Version 5 of the BRC Standard was issued with a design to help enterprise get better production and support for quality management systems. This helps manufacturers develop and manufacture safe and compliant packaging that fulfills consumers and consumers’ desire.

BRC Food Safety Standard for packaging and packaging materials is the first standard for packaging in the world recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GSFI). That's why more than 3,500 vendors in more than 80 countries have chosen this certification for their products and it is accepted by vendors around the world.

BRC is divided into 8 manufacturing technologies:

  • Produce and manufacture glass
  • Paper production and transformation
  • Fabrication of metals
  • Hard plastic production
  • Plastic production
  • Other production
  • Printing processes
  • Chemical treatment

Benefits of applying BRC/IOP

  • BRC/IOP assists to meet requirements of quality management wished by importing countries. Besides, it helps expand consuming market.
  • BRC/IOP helps enterprise response timely to production issues related to quality and safety of products through strict management and supervision.
  • Lessen the expense as a result of reducing recycling expense and compensation, etc. Simultaneously, it helps lower loss of products and improve quality of products.
  • Consolidate consumer and customer’s confidence toward the enterprise.
  • It is condition to implement products self-claiming activities compliant with standard.

Main principles of BRC:

  • The leaders of the company must demonstrate that they are fully committed to meeting the requirements of the Global Standard for Food Safety. This must include the provision of appropriate resources, effective information, systems of review and action to continuously and effectively improve. Opportunities for improvement must be identified, implemented and fully documented.
  • The leaders of the company must agree to provide the required resources and finance to implement and improve the processes of the quality management system and food safety plan.
  • Have a communication and reporting channels for leaders from the department responsible for monitoring compliance with the Global Food Safety Standard. Departments must report regularly on performance.
  • The leaders of the company ensure that the objectives of safe and legality  must be at the strategic level.
  • The leaders of the company is responsible for the review process
  • The review process should be conducted in accordance with an appropriate plan, at least annually, to ensure the food safety plan is properly assessed and the appropriateness, relevance and effectiveness of the HACCP system.

KNA Cert- Pre-audit and Pre-audit BRC IOP, BRC/IOP, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO 9001

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