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Pre-audit - Evaluation of WCA - Workplace Conditions Assessment

In the context of integration, nowadays, international customers have increasingly desired to have effective measures to assess the working conditions of their suppliers. At the same time, factories have also proactively sought evaluation methods and compared themselves with their competitors in meeting the standards of social responsibility.

WCA Evaluation Program – Working conditions

What is WCA? In English, WCA stands for Workplace Condition Assessment

If you are learning about WCA, the following pack of documents is necessary for you to learn and apply WCA: Pack of documents, Forms, Checklist WCA. KNA offers you it: Here.

The Workplace Conditions Assessment Program (WCA) provides a useful, cost-effective solution for business and production units who are longing for improving working conditions, contributing to the compliance with current standards in the industry and good manufacturing practices.

The WCA is part of The Global Social Compliance Programme (GSCP). This is an internationally recognized retail association.

Designed on the web, the WCA program is built from Intertek's deep knowledge and understanding of social responsibility. The WCA program is a perfect tool for assessing, comparing and controlling factory working conditions. The WCA program provides an effective working mechanism, which helps the plant's continuous improvement through targeted pre-audit and measures to handle outstanding issues.

Content of the WCA program:

The content of the WCA assessment program consists of 5 main parts:

  • Labor (Labor)
  • Wages and Hours
  • Health and Safety
  • Management systems (Management Systems)
  • Environment




1.1 Child labor issues

1.2 Status of forced labor

1.3 The issue of discrimination

1.4 Abuse, Harassment and Discipline

1.5 The issue of freedom of association

1.6 Labor contract

Wages and Hours

2.1. Time and working hours issues

2.2. Wages and other social welfare issues.

Health and Safety

3.1 Issues of general working conditions at the facility

3.2 Preparation for emergency situations.

3.3 Accidents and occupational injuries

3.4 Safety of machines

3.5 Safety of hazardous substances

3.6 Problems of using Chemicals and hazardous materials

3.7 Dorm and Canteen

Management systems

4.1. Information management system


5.1 Business environment

Benefits of the program WCA (Workplace Conditions Assessment)

  • According to the regulations of WCA, after being evaluated, the working conditions of enterprises will be improved which will help to create a productive, efficient and healthy workforce.
  • The evaluation questions are arranged and classified in details which provides useful information, help the company to overcome existing problems quickly.
  • Create a basis of a social responsibility compliance for selected suppliers, prepare for the implementation of higher social responsibility standards in the industry.
  • Build up the trust with the suppliers by the effectiveness of risk reducing and transparence.
  • Possessing WCA will help enterprises decrease unnecessary and overlapped social responsibility evaluations.

WCA evaluation’s results for factories:

Once the factory registered for WCA evaluation and attained WCA certification, it is possible to share the report and certificate with any customer as an evidence of good compliance with the requirements in conducting social responsibilities and ethical business.

Pre-auditation process for WCA evaluation

To help you get deeper knowledge of KNA CERT’s pre-audit activities, we would like to send you a pre-audit process for WCA evaluation as a reference document. 

Measurement results: performance is improved

  • Evaluate factory workplace conditions and put working hours into perspective by measuring benchmarks compared to the average points of the industry, nation, and the globe.
  • Allow you to prove your performance in reality - Good workplace = happy people.
  • To be trained new approaches to assess, measure benchmarking and communicative performance in the workplace to measure positive progress made and identify areas needing continuous improvements.
  • Measure your performance against specific global, national and industry benchmarks.

To use the WCA Pre-audit and Evaluation Service - Please contact KNA Cert immediately for useful information and the best service.

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