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Pre-audit – Certification ISO 22000:2018 – Food safety

In the context of increase of food contamination, it is necessary to publish food safety standards. ISO 22000:2018- international standard of food safety by ISO is one of realiable standard which set out general rules in food safety.


  1. What is ISO 22000?

ISO 22000 is an international Food Safety Management System that can be applied to any organization in the food chain, farm to fork. Becoming certified to ISO 22000 allows a company to show their customers that they have a food safety management system in place. This provides customer confidence in the product. This is becoming more and more important as customers demand safe food and food processors require that ingredients obtained from their suppliers to be safe.

2.  Subject

ISO 22000:2018 can be applied to all forms of food production business regardless of size including:

  • Producing and processing animal feed
  • Functional foods: for the elderly, children, the sick
  • processing vegetables, fruits, milk eggs, seafood
  • producing, processing beverages: fresh water, pure water, wine, beer, coffee, tea, ..
  • Spices production and processing enterprises
  • Food delivery companies
  • Enterprises producing, processing ready- meals, restaurants
  • Supermarket, wholesale, retail
  • Enterprise manufacturing food packaging materials
  • Livestock farms

Advantage of ISO 22000

  • Make a better impression on customers.
  • Increased transparency.
  • Help businesses better organize production.
  • Minimize serious risks affecting food safety.
  • Effectively controls internal processes and minimizes the risk of errors.
  • Enhance the motivation of your staff by focusing on the performance of assigned tasks.
  • A sign to ensure food safety and hygiene of the business.
  • Focus on your essential challenges.

ISO 22000 Pre-audit and Certification Process

Food producers and traders desiring to certify ISO 22000 should take following steps:

  • Upgrade the factories to meet the minimum sanitation requirements
  • Set up sanitation control procedures for factories, equipment and individuals
  • Make a description of the product
  • Make product flow chart
  • Make a flowchart of the production process
  • Develop food safety policy
  • Identification of hazards
  • Identify hazards control measures
  • Set up a document system to guide to control operations
  • Pre-audit content system for staff
  • Carrying out an pre-audit
  • Preventive action

Why to choose KNA CERT 

  • KNA CERT certification body conducts a systematic and independent review of the management system to identify strengths and issues that need improvement.
  • The KNA CERT certification body uses a pre-defined evaluation schedule to ensure that the management system meets its goals and performs continuous improvement on critical issues.
  • The KNA CERT certification body can certify ISO 13485 in combination with the ISO 9001 management system, providing other practical benefits to the organization.

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