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RWS Pre-audit - The Responsible Wool Standard

As the consumers have increasingly concerned about the origin of their product, it is necessary for brands and retailers who provide products made of wool to demonstrate their product’s origin, their compliance with ethical issues, and sustainability.

RWS Pre-audit - The Responsible Wool Standard

RWS - The Responsible Wool Standard is a voluntarily global standard addressing the welfare of the sheep and the land in which it is grazed.

RWS helps herdsman to meet the demands of the retailers, brands, and themselves. This standard meets the strict requirements of animal welfare and land management. Typical brands and organizations utilizing this standard include H&M, Kering, Patagonia and the Outdoor Industry Association.

“ RWS marks an important step in providing the wool industry with the level of transparency it needs. "

Objectives of RWS Standards

The objective of the Responsible Wool Standard is to provide a tool for the industry to identify farmers' best practices. This tool will help to ensure that the wool is taken from farms which employ progressive approaches in managing their lands and sheep that have been handled responsibly.

How RWS works?

The Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) is an independent and voluntary standard. 

Therefore, it depends on the choice of enterprises whether to conduct it or not. At farms, certification is provided to ensure that sheep are treated according to their five freedom rights while best practices in land management and protection are guaranteed.

Main points of RWS:

  • Protect animal welfare

The 5 freedoms of sheep are protected all the time, referring to standards and best practices around the world.

  • Preserving soil health

Progressive land management methods are implemented at RWS farms, helps to protect the health of land, biodiversity and indigenous types.

  • Traceability of supply chain

The nature of RWS’s wool is always maintained from farms to the ultimate products.

  • Reliable Certificate

A professional certification body – the third party to examine every single stage of the supply chain.

  • Be confident in communication

Only products with 100% certified wool can have the RWS logo.

  • The participation of related parties

RWS was developed with input from farmers, animal protection experts, land conservation experts, brands and retailers from around the globe.

Benefits of RWS certification

  • RWS verifies ongoing activities at the farm level, gives brands a clear solution that will enable them to make reliable wool sourcing statements.
  • RWS aimed to be used by farmers who engage in the wool production process from sheep, and companies which buy and sell wool containing products that are certified by RWS.

Thanks to RWS, the integrity of the wool yarn is ensured from the wool growing on the sheep to help traceability more smoothly.

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