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Supplier Compliance Audit Network (SCAN)

Improve the effectiveness of the supply chain assessment through cooperation


In today’s market, enterprises are gradually expanding their scale globally and seeking sources from emerging markets. The best way to understand suppliers' compliance is to conduct on-site audits to verify that business partners are implementing effective supply chain security policies and procedures. For thousands of importers who need to be assessed for compliance, some challenges need to be addressed such as:

• Difficult in evaluating suppliers
• Inconsistent reports
• Different levels of confidentiality compliance requirements and corrective action plans
• Lack of cooperations of sources in the company

Supplier Compliance Audit Network (SCAN) is a commercial association that provides a systematical approach, thus global compliance standards are acceptable in helping reduce the assessment and operational backups for stakeholders in the supply chain.

SCAN association has implemented 6.901 evaluation programs up to present and certified 2.845 factories on the list of

SCAN helps to eliminate difficulties in auditing with suppliers by using an agreed supply chain security assessment which is shared among member companies. This shared evaluation network will lead to consistency in the assessment and lower costs for both suppliers/factories and importers.
At the same time, SCAN benefits members of company and their business partners through a shared assessment network to reduce excess costs on similar audits, increase efficiency and streamline similar processes. This will help improve the efficiency of supply chain audits together.

Benefits of SCAN

SCAN brings benefits for members of the company and their business partners through a sharing evaluation network.

1.Benefits of facilities and providers include:
• Dramatically decrease the difficulty in evaluating
• Obtain a consistent plan of corrective action
• Minimize the cost of the evaluation
• Establish and maintain a consistent standard of evaluation
2. Benefits of SCAN’s members include:

• Reduce resources dedicated to an evaluation program.
• The industry accepts this security standard
• The method of preserving a shared evaluation result.
• Searching feature to locate participating establishments
• Automatic audit
• A more consistent plan of corrective action
• Automatic reports

SCAN evaluation process

  1. SCAN’s members or suppliers require to evaluate: SCAN choose auditing company
    b. Auditing company of the third party sends auditing result to SCAN’s database
    c. SCAN’s members receive or are accepted to access audit results with an option to whether receive auditing report or not.

To join as a member of the Supplier Compliance Audit Network (SCAN), please contact KNA Cert to receive professional pre-audit service.

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