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THD SER: Standards of social and environmental responsibility

The Home Depot is an American home appliance retailer that sells construction tools, products, and services. The company is based at the Atlanta Store Support Center in Cobb County, Georgia (with address Atlanta).

The Home Depot Company along with its affiliates, divisions, and subsidiaries has strived to conduct business responsibly. As we expand our business and work with local and global suppliers to meet our customers' needs, it is important to preserve our collective commitment to human rights and safety at work.

The Home Depot expects all suppliers to comply with all applicable international and local laws, rules, and regulations in production and distribution of goods and services that are provided by The Home Pot. All suppliers are strongly encouraged to go beyond the guidance of The Home Depot and promote continuous improvement throughout its operations.

Benefits of Social and Environmental Responsibility standards (THD SER)

  • Improve the overall risk management of your supply chain.
  • Reduce time management and tracking rules.
  • Create vendor-specific assessments for the company.
  • Maintain and manage supplier information at one location
  • Communicate with all suppliers regardless of their languages
  • Eliminates time zone difficulties through the use of a web-based system that can be accessed on-demand from anywhere in the world.

Laws and regulations:

All vendors can demonstrate their compliance with these requirements at the request of The Home Depot. These guidelines provide an introduction to the minimum requirements that all vendors must meet to conduct business with The Home Depot. The laws and regulations of the suppliers must operate in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries where they operate.

Child labor providers must not recruit children younger than 15 or 14 followings the International Labor Organization guidelines. n addition, suppliers need to comply with all local legal requirements for the work of authorized young workers, especially those involving working hours and wages as well as working conditions.

Forced labor

All vendors must not use any form of involuntary labor including forced labor, detention, slavery, etc.

Harassment and abuse

All suppliers must treat all their employees with respect and dignity. No worker is subject to physical, sexual and psychological harassment or verbal abuse. Also, all suppliers are not allowed to use the form of fines as a discipline.


Suppliers must meet or exceed minimum wage and compensation requirements in accordance with applicable labor laws. Agreements apply and regulate local authority for regular work, overtime, production rates, and other factors.

Working hours

All suppliers must ensure that apart from extraordinary business circumstances, workers are not allowed to work more than 60 hours per week including overtime or limits and hours permitted by the laws of the country of manufacture regularly. Besides, except for extraordinary business circumstances, all workers are allowed to have at least one day off for 7 consecutive days.

No discrimination

When the Home Depot recognizes and respects the difference in culture, other suppliers will ensure jobs including employment, wages, benefits, progress, discipline, termination and retirement which should be based on the ability to fulfill job requirements instead of personal characteristics.

Freedom of association and collective negotiation

Suppliers must respect the rights of workers to enforce legal rights of the free association including joining or not joining any association.

Health and safety

Suppliers provide a safe and healthy working environment in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


Suppliers must comply with environmental laws and regulations that the local authority apply for the workplace. Plants conduct their business by minimizing their impacts on the environment.


Suppliers must not assign subcontractors to produce The Home Depot’s products or a certain component of that products without informing the Home Depot and only after the subcontractors can demonstrate that they fully comply with social and environmental responsibility standards.


Suppliers need to communicate Home Depot’s social and environmental responsibility for all workers and supervisors.

Business ethic

Suppliers will conduct business with The Home Depot in accordance with honesty and integrity and demonstrate the highest standards of business ethics. Suppliers will not take any action that would improperly affect the outcome of any assessment including fake records or employee training in accordance with home depot's gifts and entertainment policy. Suppliers will not provide any incentives to affiliates or corporate auditors.

Monitoring and compliance

The home Depot will implement affirmative measures such as on-site audits and disclosures at production plants to monitor compliance with these social and environmental responsibility standards.

Suppliers must maintain all documents which are necessary to demonstrate that they comply with social and environmental standards at their headquarters, and allow representatives of the Home Depot to get full access to production facilities, worker profiles, production records and workers for confidential interviews. 

Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA)

The Home Depot reserves the right to terminate its business relationship with any supplier who does not want to comply with these social and environmental responsibility standards.


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