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VietGAP Pre-audit and Certification

What is VietGAP?

- VietGAP stands for Vietnamese Good Agricultural Practices which means Good Agricultural Practices in Vietnam. It is issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and applied to each type and group of the product of the three areas: agriculture, aquaculture, and animal husbandry. Therefore, they are often called VietGap breeding, VietGap cultivation, VietGap fishery.

- VietGAP is the principles, order, and procedures to guide organizations and individuals to produce, harvest and handle after harvesting to ensure safety and social welfare, improve product quality, producers and consumers health, simultaneously, protect the environment and traceability of production.

Goals of VietGAP

  • Ensuring productivity-quantity-quality for food security of society
  • Ensuring the sustainable development of agricultural production, biodiversity and agricultural production.
  • Ensuring sustainable development and reducing environmental pollution through management methods and environment - friendly scientific and technological advances, minimizing the use of plant protection chemicals.
  • Ensuring benefits for producers.
  • Ensuring food hygiene and safety for consumers, and health for the community.
  • Ensuring economic efficiency of agricultural production, competitiveness, the ability to enter the international markets.
  • Ensure traceability of goods origin.

Benefits of VietGAP certification

  1. For society:

This is the evidence to confirm the position of Vietnam's fishery, cultivation, and livestock products as well as increase export turn-over by overcoming technical barriers and complying with regulations and requirements of importing countries. Applying VietGAP standards can change the current production practices, reduce health costs for society, provide safe food for citizens which means the life quality of the community will be improved, and the sustainable development of society will be ensured.

  1. For manufacturers:

Helping producers respond more promptly to production issues related to food safety through production control in soil preparation and animal husbandry processes until harvest and production. Thereby, the quality of the products is high and stable. Production facilities that apply the VietGap process and are certified will build distributors, consumers, and regulatory agencies' trust. VietGAP certification helps producers to create a brand name for their products and obtain a stable consumption market.

  1. For processing and export enterprises:

Because of having high-quality raw materials, the quality of the output is ensured; Thereby, the reputation with customers is maintained well and the revenue is increased. In addition, businesses can reduce the cost and time for checking input seafood samples, minimize the risk of being banned from importers or being 100% tested due to not meet requirements of chemical residue.

  1. For consumers:

Consumers will be able to use high quality and safe products which is the main goal and the biggest benefit that VietGAP brings. By setting the risks and implementing regulations, VietGAP will create consumers' right to demand, thus contributing to creating a generation of consumers who easily recognize safe food products in the market when finding VietGAP mark on the product. This is the principal motivation for farmers and manufacturers to produce and provide good products for society.

  1. VietGap certification procedure at KNA CERT
  • Step 1: The production unit that meets VietGap (Vietnamese Good Agricultural Practices) submits the dossier that needs to be registered for VietGap certification to KNA Cert (KNA compliance certification center). For details, please contact VietGap consultant for answers and best support. Hotline: 2211.786.
  • Step 2: After receiving the registration file. We, KNA Cert, within 3 days from the date of receiving the application will give written instructions to customers, so they can supplement or correct inappropriate points in the document.

Step 3: After pre-audit and helping customers to complete a proper and valid VietGap file. KNA Cert and the customer will agree to sign a contract on VietGap certification

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