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WalMart Factory Capability and Capacity Audit (FCCA)

FCCA is one of projects to evaluate the production capacity of Wal-mart's factory. It aims to identify effectively and exactly the production capacity or capacity of a new or current factory and help the factory develop a realistic quality system, reduce quality problems, and improve production efficiency and product value.

WalMart Factory Capability and Capacity Audit

Walmart required all its new and current suppliers to participate in the FCCA program. This program does not focus on testing a single product type, but specifically evaluates all suppliers and their manufacturing facilities. This includes all subcontracting and packaging contracts to confirm that they comply with Wal-mart standards, including:

  • Facilities and environment
  • Calibration and maintenance machine
  • Quality management system
  • Control of incoming materials
  • Suppliers and subcontractors
  • Manufacturing process and control
  • In-house testing
  • Final inspection
  • Human resources and pre – audit

Benefits of WalMart Factory Capability and Capacity Audit (FCCA)

After passing the Wal-mart factory capacity assessment, the companies are capable of:

  • Meeting the requirements of customers
  • Producing wal-mart products that comply with the factory's capacity, capability and quality requirements.
  • Supporting customers in developing a business relationship with Wal-Mart and other large-scale retailers
  • Enhancing customer confidence when cooperating with your business
  • Enhancing quality management of your factory

Objects and meanings of FCCA assessments

  • Applying to all direct import factories (non-food and no packaging).

FCCA is required before committing orders to new factories of all suppliers, retail markets, and part of the 3 types of evaluation pre-qualifying audits (RS, SCS & FCCA). All FCCA audits will be conducted by third-party auditing companies appointed by Wal-mart at the supplier's expense.

All Wal-mart direct import suppliers (not food and packaging) are responsible for registering the review as soon as possible and paying fees in advance. All agreements must be implemented directly with third-party auditing companies which are appointed and not through Wal-mart.

A delay in scheduling an FCCA assessment pre-audit accompanies by the tardiness of ordering.

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