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Walmart's Supply Chain Security (SCS)

To promote supply chain security, Walmart established a security audit program based on the compliance with the requirements of CTPAT

(Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism). C-TPAT is a US government’s initiative of business co-operation aiming to build cooperative relationships to strengthen the supply chain and secure border.

It includes stakeholders in the supply chain such as importers, carriers, brokers, and manufacturers. For nearly a decade, we have implemented controlling methods for supply chain security as part of our risk management practices.

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Walmart’s Supply Chain Security assessment (SCS) is based on 8 key areas including:

  • Human resource security
  • Threat awareness
  • Control of physical access
  • Physical security
  • Container security
  • Security procedure
  • Information security
  • Contractors' security

Supply Chain Security (SCS) is the accumulation of assessments throughout the supply chain process to enhance the safety of the supply chain during the transport of goods. It offers protection against threats such as smuggling, terrorism, fraud, and theft.

Benefits of supply chain security (SCS)

A recent study has quantified the tangible business benefits of investment in supply chain security:

Benefits include:

  • Product safety is considerably improved (for example, a 38% reduction in theft/loss).
  • Improved inventory management (a 14% reduction in excess inventory, an increase of 12% on the on-time delivery report).
  • Improve supply chain visibility ( a 50% increase in access to supply chain data, a 30% increase in the timeliness of shipping information).
  • Process improvement ( a 30% decrease in process deviations)
  • Customer’s satisfaction increases (customer leaving reduces by 26%, and the number of new customer increases by 20%)

For Wal mart’s supply chain security pre-audit, please contact KNA CERT!


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