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WRAP Pre- Audit


WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production –  is an independent standard of production that is consistent with the code of conduct, is implemented and controlled independently, and ensures that the behavior of the producers complies with code of conduct in a comprehensive and cohesive rule.


WRAP is applied to all organization and enterprise regardless of types, size, products and services. Any organization might apply WRAP to its business.

Since WRAP was known as a popular practice program in supply chain two decades ago, this social accountability certification model has been adjusted based on approach measures by ILO and local regulations to determine specific requirements. This model has significant effect in some regions.

Factories has increasingly clear awareness of social accountability and labor safety in manufacturing process. In spite of some problems, in general most of factories now provide a safe working place for labors

These success is much contributed by social accountability model that has existed in the past two decades.


WRAP certifies products with 12 following principles:

  1. Compliance with laws and workplace regulations
  2. Prohibition of forced labor
  3. Prohibition of child labor
  4. Prohibition of harassment or abuse.
  5. Compensation and benefits
  6. Hours of work
  7. Prohibition of discrimination
  8. Safety and health
  9. Freedom of association and collective bargaining
  10. Environment
  11. Customs compliance
  12. Security


To get certificate, producers must complete 3-step process:

  • Step 1: Register and self-audit accordant with WRAP certification program

The producer submits the registration form and pays a fee to WRAP. WRAP provides the self-assessment and supervising handbook. Manufacturers must meet the compliance requirements.

  • Step 2: Requirements for WRAP compliance assessment- Independent supervision

Producers make a plan on-site for evaluation by an officially recognized independent supervisor. This supervisor will verify compliance at the company with the production guidelines.

  • Step 3 – WRAP Certification – Final review
    Supervisors submit assessment reports and letters of reference to WRAP for compliance assessment. WRAP would issue certificate for qualified manufacturers.


  • Gain the trust of customers, partners and stakeholders.
  • Play the role as a commitment of enterprise’s leaders in implementing, maintaining, and improving occupational health and safety management system. Thereby, it can ensure labor rights to work in a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Meet the requirements of laws.
  • Enhance the good image, business culture and brand of the enterprise.
  • Improve competition capability of products and services. 
  • Remove export tariffs to Europe, US, UK…

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