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Experience in ISO 22000 application and a lesson from Bao An JSC.

Thanks to their application of Food Safety Management model according to ISO 22000, Bao An Trading and Service Investment and Development JSC minimized their costs and improved their productivity significantly.

Bao An Trading and Service Investment and Development JSC is an enterprise with plenty of experience in preliminary processing of fruits and vegetables, poultry and seafood. Because of Bao An's application ISO 22000:2018 to the whole plant system, they achieved desirable results.

áp dụng iso 22000 công ty bình an

A firm is considered as a unit with a good food safety and hygiene management system in case of their ISO 22000 application.

According to some experts, the application of food safety and hygiene system will prove a good food safety and sanitation management system to customers and ensure the supply of safe and high-quality food.

More specifically, food safety and hygiene system helped Bao An JSC to detect and standardize processes in system, which makes the operation of machinery system simpler and more convenient. This helped to reduce their costs and shorten working time because of their seamless integration in operation.

Reducing annual employees and costs are two benefits of two boards ISO integration into one. Internal assessment time is also reduced considerably. "Internal assessment must be conducted at least once per year according to standard requirements”. Therefore, when the company applied two ISO boards, internal assessment was also carried out twice at departments, divisions in company.

As usual, internal assessment was conducted 4 days/ batch of assessment so it takes about 8 days/ year to undertake this assessment. The integration will help to assess simultaneously two standards, which wil help to shorten by half compared to the pre-integration application.

Working time will be reduced, simultaneously, there will be an increase in productivity.

This is useful for internal assessment, there will be a significant decrease in working time and workload of employees. In terms of direct operators, doing the books is controlled better so there is a reduction in their working time. Integrated documentation system is designed in a logical sequence.

For managers, the implementation of integrated activities  helped to reduce the overlapping workload in management affairs. Consequently, managers will have much time to concentrate on key issues.  Because the integration system applied in company specified functions and duties of departments, the combination of managers "goes off without a hitch" thanks to their early work understanding.

Despite positive results in application, ISO specialists still give some important recommendations to allow the model of food safety management system according to ISO 22000 at Bao An JSC to work more effectively in the near future.  One of these recommendations is that they need to maintain the application of food safety system according to ISO 22000 to reach constant improvement, improve product quality and ensure food safety in the whole cycle of product manufacturing.



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