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C-TPAT Pre-audit Tendency for Security Service Enterprises.

Tendency for C-TPAT Pre-audit Deployment at Security Service Enterprises has been growing. Especially enterprises cooperate with the USA, the export of goods to the USA is usually applied C-TPAT's requirements.  Employees of Security Service Enterprises comply with requirements of C-TPAT to enable production activities of customers to be smoother.

What is C-TPAT?

C-TPAT stands for Customs - Trade Partnership against Terrorism. This is a joint initiative of the U.S. government and businesses, designed to enhance customs security and an entire supply chain in cooperation with importers, shipping carriers, and dealers. gender, warehouse operators and manufacturers.  This standard has been established since the terrorism on September 11th in America.

Shipments on board from C-TPAT participants are passed into the United States faster than those from non-participating members, because US Customs will "prioritize" members of C-TPAT, especially in reduction in the number and times of check through the border.

The security of goods in particular and the security of defence in general play an important role in trading with other countries. Therefore, when being a professional security guard during service for customers who do business with the United States and comply with C-TPAT requirements, we must know how to operate C-TPAT Procedures of customers. 

đào tạo C-TPAT cho Công ty Bảo vệ Cường Thịnh

C-TPAT Training for Cuong Thinh Security Company. 

Special requirements of C-TPAT in terms of goods security.

  1. Control Security of Documents.
  2. Control Security of Physics.
  3. Control Security of Human.
  4. Check Access (check Human and Vehicles on Target)
  5. Check and control procedures of goods declaration.
  6. Control Security of Transport.

Through afore-mentioned requirements, workload of guards is considered to be heavy. Besides, there are other requirements, such as Human Security Control consists of some requests:  Employees of customers. Customers of customers. Contractors of customers.

C-TPAT guides security personnels the way to identify threats.

Instructing security personnels how to identify threats that terrorists can make to carry out at each point in the supply chain.  Every personnel must be responsible for reporting relating to security situation (who, what, when, etc)

Security guards need to know emergency procedures in company such as how to escape, first aid and timely response to emergencies.

C-TPAT Pre-audit Tendency for Security Service Enterprises.

Businesses that provide Security services, according to statistics, most of them provide human resources to protect enterprises who have participated in the application of C-TPAT and they often choose security service units with security team who are knowledgeable and fully comply with C-TPAT standards.  

Phat Minh Vuong Security Service Company is a typical example.  This company has now served C-TPAT's customers. Most of Phat Minh Vuong staff have full knowledge of C-TPAT's requirements, which gain customer's trust.  

Phat Minh Vuong Security Service Company not only demonstrates their quality through every audit of customers  but also professionally undertake security standards of C-TPAT, such as:

  • Infrastructure security: We ensure that the ability to penetrate from outside must be controlled and prevented.
  • Entry and exist control: We ensure exit and entry areas of goods and human and the cargo storage area are in good control.
  • The construction of security procedures: We maintain establishment of security procedures to control security activities.

The C-TPAT application of Phat Minh Vuong Security Company.

  • Security of Human Resources: We comply with rules concerning human resources from employment, management and pre-audit.
  • Security of Container: Our employees are good at control steps of the integrity of container to prevent threats.
  • Identification of hazards:  Security guards must maintain a program to identify hazards to plants.


In the context of international trade in Vietnam, It is essential for security guards to be equipped with knowledge of anti-terrorist goods security.  Therefore, C-TPAT pre-audit courses for security service businesses are focused on helping employees to understand the rules, principles and requirements of international security to help production of customers to be more convenient and safer.

To receive C-TPAT professional pre-audit, please contact with KNA CERT.

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