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Corporate Social Responsibility - A new trend in textile development

A new trend in implementing Corporate Social Responsibility is a vital action not only in textile industry, particularly Vietnam became a member of TPP and AEC.

In recent years, because there are more and more natural disasters and negative social consequences caused by businesses, Corporate Social Responsibility plays an important role. The implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility is fully appropriate to goals of sustainable development strategy. Enterprises perform social responsibilities well, which not only helps them to reach their sustainable development but also contributes to the social development.

"Enterprise's performance not only allows them to achive their sustainable development but also make a contribution to general sustainability of the society."

Apply Corporate Social Responsibility to Vietnam garment industry development.

tiêu chuẩn cho ngành dệt may

Textile industry is the only field with Collective Labor Agreement, all workers' rights are higher than the law. Some enterprises in Vietnam Textile Corporation and textile industry always make efforts to improve their workplace, build up the harmonious relationship between enterprises' benefits and rights of workers as well as the social benefits with the aim of reaching sustainable development in the context of integration and development.

"Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR is an enterprise commitment contributing to the development of sustainable economy through activities with the aim of improving living standards of workers, their family members, the community and the whole society through ways that benefits enterprises as well as the general development of the public."

The reality of WRAP application in Vietnamese garment enterprises today.

WRAP is a common set of standards widely applied by garment enterprises in the world.  WRAP stands for Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production, a dependent standard in accordance with conduct principles implemented and controlled independently and operations of manufacturers are appropriate to socially responsible conduct principles.

Regardless of type and size, most of enterprises can apply so the trend of applying WRAP in Vietnamese textile enterprises has increased.  It is estimated that up to 30% of garment enterprises nationwide have WRAP certificates and this number has been increasing.

WRAP certificates are not only a proof that textile enterprises are fulfilling their social responsibilities but also helps to expand potential markets to foreign countries that require this type of paper. WRAP applying enterprises will create an ideal workplace for employees and ensure that other welfare and bonus regimes are adequate to help them feel secure so job hopping is reduced.   

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