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Difficulties in applying 5S, Kaizen to all Vietnamese firms

Each enterprise is required to apply themselves quality improvement with the aim of meeting customers' demands, which will enable them to catch on and enhance sustainable development. As a result, quality improvement, cost saving as well as time of transportation will become great concerns of enterprises in manufacturing.

At present, 5S Kaizen is one of the most popular methods. This method is highly appreciated because it does not take too much cost as well as special technology an engineering to perform.  However, there are some difficulties in following this method. The following article will discuss many troubles in applying 5S, Kaizen to all firms in order that you can understand and plan a improvement scheme.

Noticeable issues during KAIZEN performance:

  1. Need using in the whole company and agreement of leadership is very essential.
  2. Train employees who are capable of applying Kaizen.
  3. Make appropriate changes in applying Kaizen to match with policies, contexts as well as conditions of enterprises.

Actually, the application of 5S, Kaizen to the whole enterprise, especially State-owned ones usually face some fixed challenges such as:

Firstly, there is a lack of details and pre-audit of experts so the process lacks explicit goals and the effectiveness of process is difficult to measure.

Secondly, another challenge of enterprises and organizations is the lack of simultaneous participation and agreement of all members in an organization.

Thirdly, the lack of supervision of groups who are responsible for supervising processes also becomes a challenge, which makes the performance of processes low.

Fourthly, after 5S was applied and employees were trained to put Kaizen into practice, everything will be from scratch because principles were not applied in the long run and did not get into habit of employees in organizations.

Therefore, to increase in effectiveness of 5S, Kaizen, groups of leaders must make efforts to set examples to employees.  If 5S, Kaizen are applied to companies, they will bring considerable benefits to their production and business activities.

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