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EICC becomes RBA - responsible business alliance

Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) has changed its name into Responsible Business Alliance (RBA). This facilitates expand of access and larger effects in the future.

On 17th October, 2017 - Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition - EICC, a non financial coalition of top electronic companies with the aim to improve social, environmental condition and ethics in their global supply chain- informed to change its name to Responsible Business Alliance - RBA.

EICC – Social accountability in Electronics sector

Established in 2004 – EICC is founded by a group of advanced electronics companies. It is called Code of Conduct for electronics enterprises. As the EICC expanded its scope, programs and tools, it became a coalition of companies active in the electronics industry. Since then, its influence, capabilities, key operational areas and its members have expanded significantly. The renaming of the Business Alliance marks the next step for the organization.

"This is a significant milestone and we are happy to step forward with our members”, Rob Lederer, CEO of EICC stated. “New brand representing for current organizations delivers their leadership to customer specific requirements (CSR) in supply chain, and take us to future when we motivate engament of various industries, government and stakeholders in the world.”

In 2016, the EICC updated its definition of membership eligibility, allowing not only manufacturing companies and contract manufacturers, but also companies with electronic products. This new definition has helped create a more opportunities for members of the automotive, toy, aerospace and automotive wearable companies and technology companies, etc.

The evolution of the EICC to the RBA is a perception that electronic products are increasingly popular with diverse product categories and these companies have similar supply chains and shared goals of responsible business. With this new brand, it will consolidate the organization as it promotes best practice, industry collaboration and the collective endeavors of its members.

In line with the rebranding of the Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative (CFSI), a multi-disciplinary initiative with more than 360 member companies, will become Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) initiative. The new CFSI brand reflects the organization's orientation and extends scope beyond conflict and security in the supply chain of minerals such as tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold (3TG) from Great Lakes of Africa. RMI will continue the mission and vision of CFSI under its new name and brand and continue to offer programs, services and tools to promote responsible global mineral supply chains as well as support business to complie with the regulations.

With the new RBA Logo, it plays a role as a compass assisting companies on the road to complie with their social responsibilities.

Với các Logo mới của RBA sẽ giống như một la bàn chỉ hướng cho các công ty trên con đường tuân thủ trách nhiệm xã hội của mình.

A Brief Introduction of Responsible Business Alliance

The Responsible Businesses Alliance, formerly Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition, is a nonprofit organization of leading electronics companies that improves social and environmental condition and ethics in their global supply chain. RBA members commit and are responsible for a common Code of Conduct and use a range of pre-audit and assessment tools to support continuous improvement. RBA includes more than 110 member electronics companies with a combined annual turnover of more than $ 4.75 trillion and directly employs more than 6 million employees. For more information, visit

Along with thí development, RBA provive following strandard and instruction as ground for enterprise to follow:

RBA Code of Conduct 6.0 (effective Jan. 1, 2018) - tiếng Anh

RBA Code of Conduct 6.0 (effective Jan. 1, 2018) - tiếng Việt

Pre-audit RBA of KNA CERT

To help businesses access and establish management systems in accordance with this standard, KNA CERT offers pre-audit services to establish and implement a RBA (Responsible Business Alliance). This is a special service conducted by experienced counselors and certainly be helpful to you.

The RBA Validation Audit (VAP) Operations Manual - Revision 6.0.0- January 2018 is a guideline for the application of the RBA Code of Conduct 6.0 issued by RAB - which will take effect on 1/2018.

Tài liệu RBA Validated Audit Program (VAP) Operations Manual - Revision 6.0.0– January 2018 là hướng dẫn áp dụng tiêu chuẩn RBA Code of Conduct 6.0 do RAB phát hành - sẽ có hiệu lực vào 1/2018.


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