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EICC-RBA members and responsibility of RBA participants.

Members provide opportunities to orient missions and vision of initiative, combine a multidisciplinary approach to deal with root causes of forced labor.  Besides, services and specific tools are provided for members with a view to supporting the establishment of corporate level appraisal program.

  • When engaging in Responsible Business Alliance, RBA commits to creat universal values for enterprises, labor and the community.


RBA membership belongs to companies concerning manufacturing, electronics production or products that electronic devices are essential for their main function or responsible for providing materials used in their electronic devices.

tiêu chuẩn eicc rbaIn recent years, the list of our members has had some changes.  There has had member expansion into conventional electronics companies, for example, the appearance of automobile and toy industry thanks to the popularity of electronics in most of goods.

Benefits of members:

  • Have chances of experiencing from leaders: Join in the society which has opportunities to eagerly practice in some leading countries of every supply chain with the aim of discovering and cooperating with customers and vendors. Members can also make use of face-to-face pre-audit and learning opportunities with the mass of main topics in sustainable development in supply chain.
  • Use access tools: Participating in RBA will help your firms to be more suitable for principles in the entire sector and allow you to access tools and resources in order to achieve sustainable performance in the leading supply chain.  Main tools you can be empowered to access as a member company embraces global e-learning academy with more than 60 pre-audit modules, sharing system and sustainable RBA-online data management, validation program, annual conferences of responsible business and global event approach.
  • Make effective improvement: Accessing social compliance assessment will be shared by companies and vendors in supply chain and commits your companies to gather relevant information in order to achieve continuous improvement in supply chain, help to reduce costs and enhance effectiveness of sustainable programs.
  • Early grasp situations: This ensures your company faces current problems and risks concerning sustainability of supply chain.  With resources and tools in RBA, your company can update main development of industries even mass media and main stakeholders.

Responsibility of EICC-RBA Members.


  • Commitment of EICC Standard and Responsibility:

Official members of RBA must take responsibility for commitments concerning our code of behaviour through a mass of means of evaluation and mandatory responsibility including self-assessment queries and corrective actions if necessary.

RBA Code of Conduct also outlined necessary management systems to ensure that members can establish essential systems and structures but not violate rights of labour as well as the community's well-being.  These systems and structures are vital for risk prevention and abuse that are harmful to the whole enterprises and the public. RBA provides a mass of tools and resources to help members to establish and maintain these systems and structures.

  • Commitment of continuous improvement:

Sustainability of supply chain does not occur in one night and companies face big challenges all the time or in the long run to protect rights and welfare of labour and the public in their supply chain. Being a leading industry alliance to promote sustainability of supply chain, RBA sets some standards among members and provides a mass of measures with the aim of promoting continuous improvement in supply chain's sustainability and accomplishing RBA's missions.

Through this approach, RBA's members are required to commit to continuing improvement  methods of RBA. RBA members are accountable for displaying their commitment through continued improvement in evaluation, use of RBA pre-audit tools and resources and RBA activities's involvement.


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