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Frequently asked questions about FSSC 22000 Certificate

FSSC 22000 is a Food Safety System Certification that enables manufacturers to focus on their food safety through the application of scientific and technological advances and to assess their resources in continual improvement.

FSSC 22000 standard is applied to the food industry in order to demonstrate the quality and safety of certain food products.

1: What are the benefits of FSSC 22000?

Apart from being a management system of food safety, FSSC 22000 can assess the business’s resource.

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FSSC 22000 is possessed and managed by a non-profit organization. FSSC 22000 based on an international standard, ISO 22000. It is accredited and accepted by GFSI and AB all over the world. 

  • FSSC 22000 global recognition and business credibility to businesses.
  • FSSC creates a common “language”, improves the information and food safety in the supply chain.
  • Provide prerequisite programs (PRPs) a systematic management method with centralized control on necessary matters.
  • Provide confidence to stakeholders about an organization/business's ability to identify and control food safety risks.
  • Offer flexibility in order to meet specific and diverse requirements of customers.
  1. Why was FSSC 22000 certification developed?

FSSC 22000 was established to facilitate the spread of ISO 22000, and it was recognized by Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

Also, FSSC 22000 was offered by the certification program. Compulsory methods of assessing and organizing business must meet the requirements of GFSI. The name of FSSC 22000 was stemmed from ISO 22000, PRPS such as ISO / TS 22002-1, and other supplementary requirements.

  1. How does the market react?

Feedback is encouraging. Many manufacturers and (international) retailers have tried to achieve the FSSC 22000 certificate. 

FSSC 22000 is one of the fastest-growing certificates in the world. Feedback from manufacturers and large retailers are beneficial for the development of FSSC 22000.

   4: Which fields will be certified by FSSC 22000?

As a result of being based on existing international standards such as ISO 22000, ISO 22003 and specific sectors in areas certified by FSSC 22000 as defined by prerequisite scopes and programs Specifics (PRPs) are available. Your business can achieve these standards from ISO and / or BSI and use them along with the additional requirements of FSSC 22000 which can be found in the FSSC schema document and free download on www.

  5: What programs are needed to determine the scope of FSSC 22000?

In terms of the scope of FSSC 22000, the programs are based on the corresponding premise defined in the FSSC 22000 standard - FSSC 22000 certification.

  6: What are the supplementary requirements of FSSC 22000?

To meet the requirements of related parties, and ensure the safety of food, the FSSC 22000 program requires supplementary requirements. These include the development of provisions in ISO 22000, specifications for sector PRPs and additional requirements as outlined in the Project Document Part II.

   7: How to get FSSC 22000 certificate?

It is clearly stated in the FSSC 22000 standard what requirements that businesses and organizations looking for FSSC 2200 certificate should meet. They are listed in part II of the document.

    8: What is the duration of the FSSC 22000 inspection?

Part IV and annex II of the FSSC 22000 document mentions the calculation of evaluation time to meet the requirements.

    9: Why and how to move from ISO 22000 to FSSC 22000 certification?

Enterprises that already have ISO 22000 want to upgrade their certificate to FSSC 22000 in order to be recognized by GFSI. To achieve FSSC 22000, it is required to add more technical specifications for each PRP, and supplementary requirements. More information can be found in part III.

    10: How to use the FSSC 22000 logo?

After achieving FSSC 22000, using its logo becomes a concern of enterprises. Its copyright is train and controlled by FSSC 22000. Certified businesses and organizations may not need to display the FSSC 22000 logo or mention ownership of the FSSC 22000 certificate on their products. Logo (copyright) may be included in the issued certificate if the certificate is achieved by meeting all the requirements of Part II of the standard.

The above are frequently asked questions about FSSC 22000 standard. If you want to know more, please contact our hotline 093.2211.786 or our email:

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