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FSSC version 5 was officially issued

FSSC 22000 Founding Organization has officially announced FSSC 22000 Certification Program version 5.  This new version combines all improvements in ISO 22000 which has just announced in June, 2018.

A big change in the new version is supplemention of a separate part which includes suitable requirements for Pre-audit Organizations. This new version was issued with the aim of improving the transparency of expectations for FSSC 22000-licensed Pre-audit Organizations.

chính thức ban hành FSSC 22000 phiên bản 5

“The application of the high-level structure of ISO 22000 in version 5 provides a great opportunity for organizations to integrate food safety management systems with other management systems such as ISO 9001 in terms of quality management. Together with focus on operational risks, there is now an additional review of the organization's risks and opportunities, which enables more sustainable and consistent business practice for all stakeholders through food supply chain." Sally Elsherif, Chief Executive Officer of QA (Metro) and a member of Council of Stakeholders FSSC.

All parts of New Version are compiled into a document to improve readability.  Mandatory Annexes of New Version are provided through a separate set of documents.

Version 5 has developed in close cooperation with stakeholders such as representatives of Certification Organizations, Accreditation Organizations, Pre-audit Organizations and key representatives from food industry. Development of project is managed by the FSSC 22000 team and guided by Advisory Committee and Council of Stakeholders of FSSC 22000, it has been determined that all certified organizations will be assessed through Version 5 from January to 31 December 2020.

The new version is available with English one, translation will probably be available in Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese in September 2019.

“The development of this new version is a tremendous effort that started in September 2018 through various rounds of training with Advisory Committee and Stakeholders' Council. On behalf of Management Council, I would like to highly appreciate commitment of stakeholders in this process because they provided contribution-rich feedbacks to ensure that a new version will be developed to the next one." Aldin Hilbrands, Chief Technology Officer (FSSC 22000), President of Advisory Committee of FSSC.

Specific changes of FSSC version 5 will be constantly updated. Pay attention to new information from KNA.


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