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ISO application in universities: University quality assurance

The ISO application in universities not only achieves consistency but also helps these universities to use and maintain a standard system process.    

This is the judgement of Mrs Vu Hong Dan, Head of Department of Productivity Improvement  of Vietnam National Productivity Institute (General Department of Standards, Metrology and Quality) at Summary Conference of Project "Quality Assurance in University Administration" on January 24th and the orientation to run the project's results at Hanoi University.

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Mrs Vu Hong Dan - Head of Department of Productivity trainiing and Improvement, Vietnam National Productivity Institute.

According to Mrs Dan, the set of ISO standards has taken effect in Vietnam for 20 years.  Originally, the set of ISO standards were mainly used for manufacturing sectors; however, it has been applied to service sectors and banks, financial centers and aviation are first typical examples.  Then, universities also began to apply this set of standard.

However, there is no official statistics in terms of how many universities applied this set of standards.  Regarless of any reason, universities can be certified by an indepedent testing organization but they completely make a proclamation themselves.

"In this context, universities have to also consider learners, enterprises as their customers. Although pre-audit is the valuable service, it also needs to satisfy customers' demands.  The ISO standard is not only applied in manufacture but also be effective in service sectors", Mrs Dan stated.

According to Mrs Dan, the application ISO to universities not only creates consistency but also is a quality standard for the entire system to conform to.

Ph.D Nguyen Thi Cuc Phuong, Vice Headmistress of Hanoi University - the coordinator of the project said: In November 2016, the project "Quality Assurance in University Administration" launched by Association of Universities of the Francophonie and Hanoi University.   The project was finished after 2 years.

The project includes some following activities: Design the development strategy of Hanoi University; ensure the quality of two Bachelor's programs in French and English; manage the quality of administrative activities and quality objectives.    

The development strategy of Hanoi University from 2018 to 2030 with 10 areas can be considered as a result of the project. This strategy was collated with books to ensure the quality of development plan of Confrasie-AUF University. Books which ensure the quality of bachelor pre-audit program of Confrasie-AUF were edited, supplemented with Vietnam's and HCERES's standard; 2/6 module of books tested on quality were piloted.

113 lecturers of this univesity were trained for the quality standard of Vietnam curriculum; 121 turns of people were fostered ISO standard 9001:2015; 101 job positions were described and piloted; 35 work processes were described and piloted; 20 quality objectives were established and piloted.

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