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Kosher Certificate helps to expand potential markets.

Importers, consumers in big and potential markets like the USA, Europe or Middle East require firms to have Kosher certificates then use or agree to import goods.

The number "11 million of US people" who only consume Kosher foods is great enough to discuss the popularity of Kosher certificates in these potential markets.  This number is annually expected to increase gradually.

What is Kosher?

Kosher means "clean, eatable or fresh food" in English but in Hebrew language Kosher means "suitable" or "unacceptable". Kosher means "foods are appropriate to the law or the Jewish's diet, can be approved by people who believed in Jewish food".

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Kosher comes from the Bible, it means "proper" or "acceptable". Meat slaughtered according to religious rituals is called Kosher.

Kosher foods include 3 types: meat, buttermilk, meat-free and milk-free foods. One of Kosher doctrines is the clear division between meat-originated products and buttermilk-originated ones. Meat and buttermilk are not allowed to cook together.  Chefs must have cooking utensils and different dishes, simultaneously, there are separate preparation areas for meat and buttermilk.  The third foods are meat-free and buttermilk-free ones.

Why is Kosher certificate necessary for food?

Actually, customer's confidence in products has increasingly decreased. There are some causes for this, for examples, new risks that lead to an increase in antibacterial drugs and types of bacteria that spread diseases from animals to people. Equipment for inspection technology is still limited in some less developed countries.

Meanwhile, over 25 million of customers worldwide using this certification include many objects such as Jews, Muslims, Christians, vegetarians, groups of ecosystem-friendly customers or those seeking quality assurance. This is a food big market that allows investors to Certificates appear over 60% of products' surface in the US.

Kosher brings out real benefits concerning economy as well as monitoring methods and global issues.  Kosher helps to discover and demonstrate origins of food as well as sorting out kinds of customer's food and useful information. 

Kosher Certificates for white cashew nuts of MTV Commercial Production Co., Ltd.

Process and procedure of issuing Kosher certificate.

We need to base on factory's kosher certification request form for units who desire to be issued Kosher certificate. Then, we will conduct an inspection for the whole plant and the manufacturing process  of raw materials in production and storage as well as transportation. Once plants meet requirements, they will approve of Kosher certificates as well as registering for Kosher global association. Plants are allowed to attach "Kosher" logo on all products of plants.

If you are researching in KOSHER, the following set of documents is necessary for your application. KNA sends to you:  Tại đây.

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