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Questions about GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard What is GOTS?

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is recognized as the world’s leading national processing standard for textile (clothing, household textiles, and other personal care products) which is produced from organically-certified raw material. It includes strict criteria for all activities in the textile supply chain in terms of environment and society. GOTS is recognized in the global market. In 2013, it is estimated that 3080 facilities worldwide have been certified for GOTS.

What are the problems with the apparel manufacturing process?

The process of textile processing is usually inadequately handled which generates harmful substances into the air and water. In addition, there exist hazardous situations in the workplace.

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All these factors are accumulated and float into the air and water. It is necessary to respect and protect workers who involve in the producing process. It is banned by GOTS to use chemicals that can cause cancer, congenital disorders and other serious diseases. Besides, chemicals such as those that can cause persistent endocrine disruptors to contribute to the degradation of the ecosystem and the worldwide diversity of biology. GOTS requires all dyes, and supplements to be evaluated in accordance with strict criteria and be approved before being used.

Why is GOTS a good idea?

Using organic material in manufacturing can protect the health of farmworkers and the environment. Also, it will be beneficial for the consumer;s health if there are no harmful substance residues in finished products.

What is organic material?

A organic system is a system producing products in compliance with national standards in terms of the environment and animal welfare. Organic material includes organic cotton, silk, linen, and wool.

Being a textile processing standard, GOTS do not set specific requirements for organic farming, but utilized material which has to have the organic origin and be certified by accredited farming standards.

Only textile products that have at least 70% or 95% of organic ingredients can be certified by GOTS.

If you see the GOTS Logo on a product, what does this mean?

To make sure a product is GOTS certified, you need to look for a reference to the type of GOTS label (organic or made of organic), reference to the independent certification organization and the license number of the application. Consumers can track a certified company by entering the license number (or company name) provided on the GOTS label in the free text field of our public database.

What about a statement that the yarn (or fabric) in a finished product is GOTS certified?

This is only a self-affirmation requirement because only finished products can be certified for GOTS (see above). Therefore, you cannot be sure this request is correct.

What kinds of regulations are for employees in GOTS?

GOTS's social criteria are based on important conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO), including a ban on child labor and forced labor, and systematic provisions to prove that they are addressing social concerns such as complaints. Furthermore, GOTS requires fire protection pre-audit and evacuation practice.

How does GOTS deal with livestock?

Because of being a textile standard  GOTS does not set specific requirements for organic farming. Instead, it requires at least 70% of the yarn to be organic certified materials according to organic farming standards. These standards can be found in current national standards – organic regulation EC 834/2007 (including implementation regulation EC 889/2008), regulations of National Organic Program USDA, and other standards in IFOAM.

Is GOTS an official standard?

GOTS is a voluntary standard so it is not required by a government agency. This standard is managed by a non-profit organization. However, it is supported by the US government. That is to say, all textile products deemed themselves as organic ones in the US have to be certified by organic standards or GOTS.

How do companies have their products certified by GOTS?

GOTS certificate indicates that declared components in the product that are certified by GOTS met all GOTS criteria. Also, all facilities related to the production of products need to be certified. The certification is conducted by an independent certification body that is approved by GOTS.

 What can I do to improve textile handling problems?

Become the leading change agent? Please select GOTS certified products when making your purchase. If you can find such products at your favorite stores, ask the manager to bring the product or contact your favorite brands or retailers directly to request they come to GOTS.

To know more about GOTS, please contact our Hotline: 093.2211.786 !

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