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Some popular Organic certificates in the world

Consumers have recently chosen and used organic foods because of their benefits for their health. The higher demands for organic foods are, the more active production markets are.  Big groups also engage in this "organic competition". Some gardens, firms, small-sized farms also desire to gain their positions in market.

chứng nhận hữu cơ thực phẩm If you are researching into ORGANIC, the following set of standards is necessary for your business application.  KNA sends to you: Here.

Organic standards were established on the basis of core definitions concerning organic agriculture.  The number of organic certified organizations is finite. We will list some kinds of current organic certificates in the world in this article.


  • American Organic Certificate
  1. Organic Certificate of United States Department of Agriculture, National Organic Committee.

Certificate name: USDA    
Issued time: 2005     

This is an organic certificate with the most stringent condition - it's also a truly food standard.  Organic products under USDA representatives' certification have some levels, yet only products with 95% to 100% organic ingredients are attached USDA'slogo on product labels.

  1. American National Standard Institute

Certificate name: NSF/ANSI   
Issued time: 2009  

This is the first American organic certificate only after USDA. Organic cosmetics with at least 70% organic components (except water) are considered as "contains organic ingredients" However, NSF's products still use chemical components but must be allowed (the list of chemicals used is wider than that of USDA).

  1. Natrue Certificate

Certificate Name: Natrue 

Products under Nature's label are manufactured according to stringent standards.  This standard has three certification levels: - organic cosmetics: cosmetics must contain at least 95% components made of organic ingredients. - natural cosmetics with organic portion: This cosmetic contains at least 70% of organic ingredients. - natural cosmetics: 100% natural components, it's unnecessary for organic ingredients.

  • Australian Organic Certificate
  1. Organic Certificate of the Australian Government.

Certificate name: ACO (Australian certified Organic)  

Organic products of this standard were also divided into 4 levels such as USDA: 100% organic - Certified organic: at least 95% organic components. - Made with organic ingredients: at least 70% organic ingredients. - Organic components with less than 70% product components: only shows the list of ingredients on product label. The rest ones must be naturally produced plant or allowed and completely non-toxic preservatives / additives.

  1. Organic Food Chain Certificate

Certificate Name: OFC 


This is an Organic Farming Certification recognized by the Australian government to ensure that national standards concerning organic production and bio-dynamic are strictly applied. Products of this standard also have 4 levels: 100% organic or 100% bio-dynamic: Components must contain 100% ingredients are manufactured according to this standard's requirements. - Organic or Bio-dynamic: Components must contain at least 95% organic ingredients or biological production process.  The rest of components must be of plant origin according to this standard. - Made with organic or made with Bio-dynamic. Main components must be of organic origin or biological production process. At least 70% components are made of organic or bio-dynamic ingredients. The rest of components must be of plant origin according to this standard. - Products with organic or-dynamic ingredients under 70% only show the list of ingredients on product labels.

  • Other Certificates:
  1. German Certificate - BDHI

Certificate Name: BDHI 

In spite of standards for natural body care, BDIH requires producers to use organic components wherever possible . "wherever possible" is available with numbers and quality and which kinds of plant are in this list. Therefore, a product with 0% organic components is still certified BDIH. BDIH also maintains the list of components that are possibly used in products for BDIH members. BDIH is a senior because it created the first organic certificates for body care products in the world.

  1. Soil Association Certificate in England

Certificate Name: Soil Association  

Only poducts with over 95% organic ingredients are certified by this organization. Products with 70%-95% organic components are also certified by organization's logo, yet their labels must show the percentage of used organic ingredients without "organic" on their labels. Products under 70% organic ingredients are not certified by this organization.

Some organic certificates in the world for your reference are above. Please contact for Organic certification: 093.2211.786

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