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What are benefits of GOTS certificates for companies?

In some ways, companies can reap ample benefits from certification of Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS). Here are some top reasons for methods and explanations why certification of GOTS helps companies' business to be stable.

Reduction in risks:

  • GOTS is total risk management tool for your supply chain.
  • GOTS establishes strictly and widely social and environmental criteria for all supply chains.
  • GOTS's criteria are very explicit.


  • Certification of the third party plays an important role in verifying external independence.
  • Certification embraces dual quality assurance - on-the-spot examination and products' check.
  • Certification provides reliability and verifies complaints expected by investors and the community.

Effectiveness and productivity.

  • Waste management of GOTS standards and other standards lead to significant improvement of ecosystem.
  • GOTS requirements of social compliance management helps to improve social effectiveness.
  • GOTS facilitates sustainable management of supply chain, which helps to reduce costs of companies because they have no need to supervise all supply chains.

Innovation and differences.

  • GOTS certificate establishes the right to access to new markets as public purchases.
  • GOTS is recognized by the government and top textile, sports, environment and organic organizations in the world.
  • Durable innovation creates added values compared to common products.

Sustainable market development.

  • This development allows companies to become market controllers.
  • Companies stand ready to stringent regulations.

GOTS is recognized as a top processing standard of textile goods made from organic fibres in the world.  To have GOTS PRE-AUDIT, please contact with KNA Cert through: Hotline: 093.2211.786.

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