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What is ISO Certificate? Do not misunderstand to waste money


What is ISO?

ISO: International Organization for Standardization. (The International Organization for Standardization)

History of ISO

- ISO was established in 1947.

- Its headquarter is in Geneva.

- It has been applied in more than 150 countries.

- Vietnam has been an official member since 1977 and now elected to ISO executive committee.

What is ISO 9000?

ISO 9000:

- A set of standard of quality management.

- Set out rules of management.

- Focus on prevention/ improvement.

- Only make requirements that need satisfying.

- Apply all kinds of organizations regardless of scope or production models/ services.

The set of ISO 9000 standard embraces:

ISO 9000: Quality management system - Basis and terminologies of ISO 9001:2015  Quality management system - Requirements  of ISO 9004:2000 Quality management system - Instructions on how to improve effectively ISO 19011:2002 Instructions on how to assess quality and environmental management system.

Which organizations need to build Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015? 2015?

- Organizations want to perform its role in providing products sustainably to meet customers' and regulatory demands.

- Organizations desire to gain customers' satisfaction.

- Organizations need to make a continuous improvement in business results to achieve goals.

- Increase in revenue, develop products, reduce damaged products and waste.

ISO 9001:2015 requirements need controlling  2015

1- Document and file control.

Control internal and external document system, data company.

2- Leadership responsibility

- Commited by leadership

- Oriented by customers

- Establishment of quality policies and quality goals for departments

- Determine responsibility, power for each title

- Establish an internal information exchange system

- Consider leaders' perspectives

3- Resource management

- Resource provision

- Recruitment

- Pre-audit

- Infrastructure.

- Workplace

4- Products

- Plan for products

- Determine needs relating to customers.

- Control design

- Control purchase

- Control production and provide services

- Control measuring device

5- Measurement, assessment and analysis

- Measure customers' satisfaction

- Assess internal affairs

- Follow and measure processes

- Follow and measure products

- Control inappropriate products

- Analyze data

- Corrective action

- Preventive action


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