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Frequently asked questions about C-TPAT standard

The goods transportation among countries is now increasingly dynamic. This has caused great concern among people about goods and national security. Therefore, C-TPAT has been developed to ensure the security of goods around the world.

What is the C-TPAT standard?

Launched in November 2001, the Customs-Trade Counter-Terrorism Partnership (C-TPAT) is a group of certified public and private companies with a desire to protect and control imported goods into the US. It is created to deal with terrorist attacks such as September 11. This organization aims for ending terrorist activities at the US border.

What does C-TPAT focus on?

C-TPAT aims to encourage the responsible importation of goods through pre-audit and vigilance from the importers while facilitating the trade process. By complying with C-TPAT regulations, all registered companies will help to maintain a safe and effective trade. After the signing of an anti-terrorism partnership, the organization's members will agree to define a safe space, protect the supply chain and implement security measures.

Why should I participate in C-TPAT?

If you become a member of C-TPAT and comply with its regulations, You will be eligible to cross the border faster, reduce insurance rates and immigration reports. In addition, C-TPAT participants also contribute to the security of the US.

Am I eligible to obtain C-TPAT certificate?

The US importers, companies transporting goods by train, air, highway and customs brokers are just a few of the many companies eligible to become members of the organization.

How can I register C-TPAT?

All registration letters to participate in C-TPAT is completed online through a website of the US Customs. The registration process is not difficult, and if you are approved, a security specialist in the supply chain will be assigned to manage your account.

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