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How to become a member of sedex?

Dear expert, I am the owner of an enterprise in field of canned food production. My business is currently producing and trading canned goods, fruit juice and sausages. I am inquiring about Sedex standards to become a member of this association. However, there are still many unknowns. I would like to ask expert about Sedex – Smeta and how to become a member of Sedex What do you want to become a member of Sedex? Thank you so much.

Answer from expert!

Dear !

It is no longer uncommon for Vietnamese enterprises to become members of foreign associations. Especially in the current market integration mechanism, joining associations will help their products to be exported to more countries in the world. Sedex is a nonprofit organization established to improve business ethics and enhance social responsibility in the global supply chain.

As the largest cooperative association for sharing information on ethical practices and social accountability in the supply chain, Sedex is an innovative and effective supply chain management solution that helps you minimize risk, protect your company's reputation and improve supply chain performance.

Sedex has 2 main goals:

  1. Reduce burden of enterprise to cope with audits, investigations and certificates
  2. Enhace ethics practice and social accountability in supply chain.

Sedex's core product is a secure online database that allows members to store, share and report information in four key areas:

- Labour Standard

- Health and Safety

- Environment

- Business Ethics


How to join Sedex?

Sedex provides 3 types of membersip which are A, AB for buyer and B fro provider. The way you join Sedex will determine which type suits your enterprise best.


  • Becoming a member of Sedex means that you become part of the world's leading community for responsible data management and sourcing. With access to the Sedex Advance platform as engineers work in a supply chain.
  • Sedex membership includes many reputed brands in the world. It also includes thousands of, manufacturers and industrialists

How to become a Sedex member:

  • Member is buyer:

As a buyer (A) you can easily view and run reports on vendor data. Members are Sedex buyers including retailers, consumer brands, government organizations and charities.

  • Member is provider/buyer:

As a member of Buyers / Suppliers (AB) you can store and share data for your Business and view and run vendor data reports. Buyers / Suppliers are members of Sedex including many major manufacturers, importers and service providers.

  • Member is provider

Sedex Suppliers (B) can quickly and easily share data on responsible business operations with their customers.

Member reviews

There are three ways that rating experts can use the Sedex platform.

To become a member of Sedex - Smeta you can contact KNA CERT for specific advice.

Contact: KNA Cert Co., Ltd

Centre: 11th floor, Ladeco Building, 266 Doi Can street, Ba Dinh District, Ha Noi

Tell: 093.2211.786 – 02438.268.222

Email:  Website:

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