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Questions about Kosher Certification for food

Currently, to successfully export to the US, European and Middle Eastern food markets, importers and consumers all require companies to have Kosher certification. Numerous researches have shown that as many as 11 million Americans only would like to opt for Kosher products, and up to 20% of it values Kosher law. Therefore food manufacturers need to obtain Kosher certificates if they desire to broaden their market.

Question 1: What is Kosher law?

Kosher law was established in the Moses period which is about 3300 years ago. This law is complicated and covers a wide range of aspects. It indicates explicitly what kinds of foods that Jews are allowed to eat, and how to process them. Although there has had little change in the basic Kosher law since it was proposed in Sinai, its application in the current food processing nowadays has required intensive knowledge about Kosher as well as modern food processing technology.

Question 2:

Many misunderstand Kosher food as one which is blessed by a Jewish clergy. The kosher certification confirms that a product meets the requirements of Kosher law. It is a process that ensures a certified product has exactly the properties of kosher food.

Question 3: what is the purpose of Kosher?

Kosher Certification confirms that a product has been controlled and supervised properly. It also informs consumers about the specific standards that food must need. Products are recognized as Kosher ones only when there is an OK symbol on their label.

Question 4: There are many types of Kosher certification. What are the differences between them?

Each Kosher certification body worldwide has its policies and procedures as well as its trademark logo. Whether or not a product is accepted based on standards, reliability, and most importantly, the familiar symbol of certification body in the market. You should consider the reliability of a certification body among Kosher certifiers and the spread of its Kosher logo to consumers. The broad acceptance in both of these aspects results in a significantly greater value. This is the best benefit for your company when having an internationally recognized kosher agency and working well with you.

Question 5: What makes the difference between OV Kosher?

OV Kosher is one of the biggest certification bodies in the world. OV symbol is widely recognized by consumers, trusted in the American market and the world market as well.

Vaad Hoeir of St. Louis (OV) provides cutting-edge technology for enterprises to manage their Kosher certificates. Being a customer of OV, enterprises will be able to use DigitalKosher ™ brand, an online management system that allows you to store, update, and share information about your Kosher products, and the ingredients that you buy.

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