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Some common questions about SEDEX - SMETA Social Accountability.

Sedex is a non-profit organization established with a view to taking ethical practice in business and social accountability in global supply chain.  Sedex is the biggest cooperative association for information sharing of ethical practice and social responsibility in social supply chain.  Sedex is an effective measure of supply chain management, which helps your company to reduce risks, protect your enterprise's reputation and participate in the improvement in supply chain's activities.

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If you are researching in SEDEX, the following set of documents is necessary for your SEDEX application: A set of documents, Forms, SEDEX Checklist. KNA sends to you: Here.

Sedex has developed with 27 000 members, 23 fields and appeared in over 150 countries.

Sedex provides online database which allows members to store, share and report information in terms of four main fields:

  •  Labour Standard.
  •  Health and Safety.
  •  Environment.
  •  Code of Business Conduct.

Benefits of Sedex participation.

  • Sedex promotes the sharing to reduce the burden of procedure for providers when they make a deal with lots of retailers/ customers who require the evaluation of social responsibility data. Providers can post assessment results and share them with their customers to avoid the repetition of administrative procedure, times of cost evaluation with the aim of reducing expense.
  • Sedex also allow the sharing of good practice in  place of evaluation: certificate of place of evaluation, details of curriculum, participation of public and government projects, for instance, in the evaluation report.
  • Sedex members embraces top global brands and thousands of suppliers who have registered in more than 150 countries. There has been a monthly significant increase in member branches and Sedex has attracted much attention of customers.
  • Sedex is committed to make continuous improvement of ethical practices and social responsibility in supply chain.

Some common questions about Sedex - Smeta: 

1: What are Sedex participants' advantages?

Working groups of Sedex have created a series of documentation which help you to discover desirable things from Smecta reviews. So which systems and actions should be implemented to stand ready for your evaluation and solutions to non-compliance of Sedex. Some of them are available, others are only available for Sedex members.

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2: Available supporting documentation of Smecta:

  • Pre-evaluation information package. This information package is designed to enable assessors to make a preparation for Smecta evaluation.
  • It also helps vendors to implement a Smecta survey on their website with a view to providing Smecta's evaluation procedure for other members of Smecta.
  • Instructions are on independent parts which allow you to easily choose the most useful one.
  • Instructions on how to accomplish Smecta 6.0 report and Smecta 6.0 report of revised plan.
  • Smecta provides service vendors with additional instructions of working condition assessment for vendors' and contractors' employees in Sedex member companies.

3. Sedex supporting documentation only for Sedex members.

  • Documentation is not only for Sedex members througn knowledge center of Sedex certification.
  • Instructions of audit ability of social systems: to support members in choosing a assessor through his/her determined competence.
  • Instructions of non-compliance: A universal approach to examples of non-compliance, categories, severity and time frame which are proposed to table an amendment.
  • A bill shows the evaluation procedure of code of conduct in environment and business. A procedure is used for judging environmental and business morality of a website as one part of Smecta.

4: How to reply to Smecta?

We are looking forward to hearing feebacks from Smecta users. Your feebacks will form versions of Smecta in the future and documentation will be well-edited. Let us know your ideas. Please fill in one of our short online forms:

5: May I be recognized to make Smecta evaluation?

Sedex does not recoganize or issue any certificate for assessors. Every assessor can use Smecta and not be necessary to be one of members of Sedex to carry out Smecta evaluation.

6: Types of evaluations:

Sedex can approve of any type of 1st, 2nd and 3rd party's evaluation.

  • 1st party evaluation: Assessors are allowed to make evaluation through auditors of organizations (internal evaluation).
  • 2nd party evaluation: Evaluations of contractors/ vendors are made or on behalf of a purchase organization. This is used for determining problems which can be tackled together.
  • 3rd party evaluation: Assessors of independent certification organizations or registries and 3rd party organizations. These assessors are popularly used for most of Sedex members and widely approved.

  • Contact information: KNA Certification Co., Ltd.
  • Main headquarter: 11th floor, Ladeco Building, 266 Doi Can Street, Ba Dinh District, Ha Noi.
  • Tell: 093.2211.786  -   02438.268.222.
  • Email:                            Website:

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